New Album (Diary of a Black Male Blogger) (RIP to Karyn Washington) It’s too much pain to disguise. I give a Black Girl Blogger credit “if she tried”. This took a part of my soul when she died! I should have wrote a book!


(Looking out the window)

(Sigh) Such a beautiful young black girl. 

I am actually awake early this morning.  I turned on my PC and I heard Karyn committed suicide. It kind of hurt me in my heart she did that to herself.

Contrary to what people believe.  I would be hurt if any of these black women bloggers died for whatever reason.  Such a young girl too. That is more disturbing than anything.

Most of the time in this blog game. You tend to battle it out with “older black women”.  Most of them are flexing in my opinion. Since so many of them already have kids by black men or have sex with black men.

Unlike men that can blow off a hater(which  I do). I think black women are more fragile at this level. Especially when they get a lot of attention for bashing black men. I mean what do you expect to happen?

I have said this for years. No women in history can go against their “own men”. Unfortunately, some black women think they can profit off the misery of other black women and bash black men in the process.

There is nothing worse than a sellout black woman. Because they allow themselves to be used to bash black men. The only reason the media is interested in anything you do is because they dislike black men.

I often ask myself where is the media when a black man and black woman have a successful healthy relationship.  Yet, you got these bottom feeders uplifting white men that never do it back for them.

Where is the outpouring for Karyn by white men?

It is often black folks that surround their own and mourn them. Regardless of what they did.  It’s like if you’re little sister is going down the wrong road. You would still love her the same.

For the record, I view Karyn a little different. She was sort of coming into her own. I always like young black folks getting into the blog game. Regardless if they like me or not.  I am not here to be liked or loved. My time will come soon regarding death. You simply cannot run from death.

I just rather die happy that’s all. That is the fundamental difference between me and them.  They rather whine and complain about crappy interviews on CNN and radio shows.  You wasn’t doing that when you did a youtube show. It went from uplifting black women, to uplifting yourself.

It’s for god to judge and not for man to judge. 

This game will have causalities. I think black women are under tremendous pressure to find a mate.  It can manifest itself into attacking black men. I really understand that.  However, all that energy that use to have a sour face is not going to help you. 

I have said this for years, what man wants a woman that bashes her own race of men. Unless that white man hates black men as well.  Many of these cowards hide behind their black woman’s skirt.  

That is why I often ignore these bottom feeders and try to get to the guy behind the scenes.  They are the root cause of the problem. 

When you think about it. These sellout black women ride so hard for these white men and in the process destroy themselves.  Because what happens their relationships crumble. These are the same black women that turn around and say “why do black men hate us”?

I personally do not hate you. I just thought you got manipulated.  You put all you’re eggs in the white man’s basket. What did you get out of it? You didn’t get anything out of it. 

I could understand if you did get something out of it. But you are back at square 1 with white men.  They still refuse to marry you.. If you got kids already with a black man. They will not take you in.  Show me where that has changed for sellout black women?

As for black men, through the negativity and conflict. They continue to date out and be successful. 

Black women not so much. They are losing their own black men and barely getting any white man. They got bamboozled all around.

Many of them will never admit white men are using them. It would kill their pride.  It’s far easier to attack black men on their blog 99 percent of the time.

In conclusion

Depression didn’t kill Karyn. It was these knucklehead black women bloggers. They contributed to her death.  They kept on about dark skin women are not wanted. Considering black men are the only sub group that marry dark skin black women.  Black men are the ones having children with dark skin black women.

Yet you have the audacity to send RIP messages that are not sincere.

You wasn’t trying to save young black girls.  How come she is dead?

If anything you made the situation WORSE!

I am out

OFF MGTOW Living Paycheck to Paycheck HBO Special Bonus “The Yolande Lasane Story” Live from Orlando Pine Hills FL.. (She felt Hopeless and Heart broke) Hard Times is Always Here. (The Professor Laurelton Queens) Series

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Yeah at the Big Homey’s Light’s Condo talking about women.  Basically talking about money.  Big homey said yeah “snow bunny” ain’t serious man.  That is his white girlfriend.  I was like man with all the shit we have been doing.  You always got money, I got you though. These chicks ain’t loyal man.  


Sorry for the delay, I took a day off from work. I felt inspired to write today due to the HBO special and the Orlando Sentinel story on the Yolande story. Well here is the story.

Almost as soon as Yolander Lasane and her children moved into their Orlando home, neighbors knew something was terribly wrong.

But the situation really deteriorated in the past year or so after Lasane lost her job and the 400-pound woman began spending more and more time in bed.

The children, ages 5, 9, 12, 15 and 17, ran around shoeless and unsupervised, cussed at adults, smelled bad and often ate cold food out of cans, neighbors recounted in interviews

Relatives and neighbors were horrified, however, when they learned the level of squalor the children were living in. When police arrested Lasane, 45, on Tuesday and charged her with five counts of child neglect, they also released photographs of the home — images that showed piles of garbage, feces on the walls, filthy bathrooms and more.

Orlando code-enforcement officials condemned the house Wednesday after finding animal waste, insects, broken plumbing, bare mattresses in the children’s rooms and trash strewn throughout the home.

How could you leave a child in that situation?” asked John Lasane, 42, an uncle of two of the children who drove down from Georgia on Thursday with his sister and wife to try to gain custody of 9- and 12-year-old boys.

“You see something like that on ‘Hoarders,’ ” Lasane said as he stood outside the boarded home. “For that to be where my brother’s two sons live, it really bothered us.

“I think someone should have done something a whole lot sooner,” he said.

The Florida Department of Children and Families was made aware of the family’s struggles, but it’s not clear when. Neighbors said Thursday that DCF had been called shortly after Lasane and her children moved in a few years ago. DCF spokeswoman Kristi Gray said the agency could not legally divulge when it was first notified, although she confirmed that it received a tip in February.

Gray said DCF wanted to give the mother a chance to fix the problem before yanking her children away. “When you’re dealing with conditions in dirty homes like this, there are often underlying issues,” she said.

John Lasane and his family plan to meet with the DCF officials today. They want to bring the boys to a home where they can experience the love and stability of their large extended family.

“It takes a village to raise a child, and we’re that village,” said the children’s aunt Vanessa Francois, 30. “We’re going to raise our nephews the way they should be.”

By all accounts, Lasane’s children were pretty much raising themselves.

A former licensed practical nurse, Lasane kicked her teenage daughter out of their home about three weeks ago, neighbors said. Child-protection workers, acting on a tip, called police because they said Lasane didn’t know where the girl was and she had a duty to report her missing, DCF’s Gray said.

If any of the fathers — there are three, plus one more for an adult daughter who no longer lives at home — was paying child support, relatives and neighbors did not know about it.

One of them cannot pay: He is serving a 10-year prison sentence for attempted sexual battery on a victim younger than 12.

Since Lasane stopped working about the same time that she needed knee surgery, the family has been surviving on government assistance, neighbors said. But court records show Lasane had money troubles long before. She declared bankruptcy in 2005.

Last Thanksgiving, two of the children went to neighbor Claudia Ford’s house and told her that their mom had not picked up their turkey and they had nothing to eat. She fixed them a plate.

One of the boys, she said, asked if he could live with her.

“I felt sorry for the kids,” said Ford, 30, a mother of three.

Copyright © 2014, Orlando Sentinel

This is a sad situation. People often say I talk about black women. Actually I am talking about black men because black women are the foundation of the family.  You start to wonder why young black children are so violent.  You wonder why so many black men are killing each other at such rapid rates.

In my area like 10 kids were shot, 6 killed. There age range was from 16 to 24.  The teenagers that got killed were by grown men that are still gang banging from what I read in the newspaper.

As a Sociologist, I tend to look deeper at the situation.  Yeah, teenage black boys commit more crimes. However a majority of them are killed by older black men.

It actually makes sense because many of these kids do not know how to shoot a gun properly.  The variable I look at is the age of the older black men,  they may do target practice, they may have used their guns more.

Also the type of guns used. I do hear automatic weapons in the street.  So if a group of teenagers are running away, the shells will at least hit 1 or 2 of them.

I went to a crime scene in Pine Hills Florida. 2 black boys  got shot at the 7 Eleven gas station. The angle of shots seemed to hit the kids when they were running away.

I think the type of gun used in confrontations is causing the biggest problems.

I remember hearing shoot outs for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I kid you not, it felt like a war zone. It was just pop pop pop pop.  Even the police is afraid to come out to the scene. You can tell they are scared because they come like 15 minutes later. LOL They drive around like they are ready for the action but they intentionally slow down when crime really happens.

If guys are shooting back and forth and the police is up the street.  You tell me why it took them 20 minutes to show up. LOL

I can’t blame them though.

Now back to the story about the woman that had her kids in squalor.  Florida is not really a social service state.  For example PA is a social service state. Florida is the type of state where life is a big struggle for some.  Yolander has kids by different fathers.  DCF claimed they checked up on her last month.  

That is some bullshit. I think DCF is overwhelmed in Florida. They just cannot admit that is the truth.  If they were to take away kids simply because the house is dirty. You wouldn’t have a place to put them.  Than you have to feed the kids, clothe them,  transport them to school. It’s far deeper than what folks see on television.

This is very common in Florida. Some people live like animals. I think society would like to believe everyone can live in a house, with a 2 car garage and etc. The reality is that is not the case. There are actually more black women on the brink than people suspect.  Pride is a funny thing. Black women are reluctant to ask for help until they mentally cannot cope anymore.

It’s easy to say the out of wedlock rate is a problem.  However at what point, do you say after 3 or 4 kid by a different man that you ARE the problem.  It’s just bad decisions that start to snowball. 

People want to blame black men for this issue. Black men do not want to abandon their children. Obviously, the goal is to make money to support you”re family. Why do you think black men hustle, sell drugs and etc? I assure you they know the risks.  I haven’t met a black man that wouldn’t trade that in for a career to make legitimate money. The goal is to be legitimate after all those criminal activities. I call it the Jayz syndrome. Oh I will sell drugs and than become a famous rapper or whatever. Yeah Jayz did it, I can do it too. Na, you will get 10 years easy, you ain’t that lucky.

 Again, I wasn’t really surprised by the article. Many middle class people in FL are on the brink of poverty. They live  pay check to pay check.  That is why the HBO special was interesting to me.  But see people have sympathy for the white girl with 3 kids that is a CNA making 9 dollars an hour.

Documentaries are tricky in the sense that if you show a black woman in the same situation.  Nobody would watch it, or actually care what happens to a black woman in the same situation.

In the documentary they had a segment about a black woman with 2 kids and she was telling them to focus on getting ahead in life.  They never said too much about why she was in that situation. I assume the black father left the family and she ended up in a bad situation.  She seemed to me like a middle class black woman. Not the ratchet stereotypes in the media.

Here is the clip

I read the commentary on this clip.  Some of them were harsh.  Stuff like, why you had so many kids you couldn’t afford and etc.  In this case, the men failed her in this life.  See, the thing with me, if she was a lazy woman. I wouldn’t give a damn.  It’s so frustrating to have a spouse that brings nothing to the table.

 Some asshole said yeah take the bus, use coupons, bring you’re own lunch. How about this,  you can pay a CNA a living wage, fuck all that.  9 dollars an hour for what she does.  That is outrageous to me.

The misconception about me is that I pick on women. I am a very competitive male in my workplace. I compete against men everyday, actually the corporate world.  Men are simply individuals. It bothers me when these sellout black women bloggers equate skin color to success.  I never viewed anybody was better than me period.  My attitude has always been an Alpha Male. I do not defer to non black people on anything.  I am a black man that is competitive all around.

Many of these sellout black women “defer” to simply survive.  They change who they are for a non black man. It is self hate in a way.  I really do not have any respect for them at all.  Ratchet black women maybe the worse, but they defer to nobody. There is something admirable about that. Even if its ignorance  at times.

In the long run, that behavior does not last forever because you need money to back up who you are.

I can talk shit and back it up.  My resume speaks for itself.  Somebody said oh you talking about “massa” on you’re blog. You will get fired. That was 10 years ago, that never affected my career at all.  I actually got ahead faster than I thought.

I am just a confident person that’s all.

I demand what I want. I told my employer, I work another job and I got no plans on leaving it. They  were okay with that.  I also have my own business working on a start up with a friend. Money is not everything to me. I can even be successful in blogging if I put my mind to it.

The best advice I ever got was from a Jewish woman in my medical billing class. She said get paid what you’re worth, point blank, if you are the better man go for it.  Her advice was so right 8 years later for me. I approached a situation feeling sorry for employers opposed to looking out for myself. 

I kind of tried to fit in, instead of standing out.  I decided that I am going to be the beast that I am. I wanted to leave my second job but my boss convinced me to stay. He said you are the only that comes on time, never absent and you fix every problem you receive.

That felt good at the time. However, it has more to do with these young adults that are lazy and feel entitled. The work place has changed. Now the young kids want 20 dollars an hour, do not even have a degree, live with their parents. They just feel they can turn down any job, fuck it my parents will support me.

It is just a different generation.  That is why I am so far ahead in life in comparison to my peers.  There was a big lane for me to go through easily.

Hard work always pays off in the end.  I started in 2007, blogging, talking about finishing college, relationships and now I am 36.  Very close to running my own business.  I am the prime example of hard work.

Once you establish yourself, you can make it anywhere with you’re skills.  You are not going to end up like a Katrina Gilbert. The reason people end up like a Katrina Gilbert, they have no discipline. If you wanted to go back to school, do that first. She did everything ass backwards.  Now she has to do things the hard way.

(New Shit) MGTOW (Double Album) Collector’s item. A Black Man’s Perspective (Stay Trippy on Black Women and Marriage) Down South Edition Bonus “Marriage, you just came out you’re dress”? She said, she wanted Marriage, I said Let’s just Friends! Go Fall in Love with the Dope Man! She just wants more “Bandz”!


(Pouring Vodka in a cup)

Sorry for the delay for the new album. Man shout out to Nappyhoe for creating the buzz I needed. Like I said, I am pushing that line for southern black women. I tend to write when I feel motivated. There is so much material on black female blogs. I can arguably write about 60 posts right now off the top of my head. I try to write the blog in terms of what is going on currently.

I think people think this blog is about black women. It’s more about my life and my opinions on black women and dating. That is what distinguishes my style from a Tommy Sotomayor or Tariq. They have established themselves. I have equally established myself as well for years. I just never receive the credit I deserve as a writer.

Perhaps because I tend to entertain than sit back and point fingers. I am not in the business of lecturing black women nor am I a role model. I simply give you funny stories of black women I have dated in the past or my current relationship. Yeah, there are serious issues that do happen. Actually more serious to them than for me.

For example, No Wedding No Womb started off misguided and funny. 80 percent out wedlock rate is a crisis now. It’s really not a crisis (well it is, let me change that). Black women control who they have kids with. Therefore its a self inflicted crisis. You add a white guy to the mix sort of like a hammer to hit black men with. It’s all in the vindictive nature of some black women. They are sort of like that baby mother that is jealous that you moved on with you’re life. Since her life is miserable, she wants to make you miserable as well.

That is what this whole interracial blogging genre for black women is really about. The caste offs of black men are upset. It is very troubling when you do not tell the truth from the beginning. You did everything you could to tear down black men. Now you say you was a caste off. It just really strikes me as a flag of surrender to keep black men off her ass. She wants to be so accepted by Hollywood so bad that she compromised everything for that.

I would touch on the Tyler Perry dick riding. He made millions off exploiting the misery of black women using comedy. It was brilliant but it strikes me as that. You can make the argument he tell the stories that black women want to hear. Hollywood exploits people overall. We are all exploited to be honest with you. That would be a deep discussion. I cannot go into that. I will stick to the topic.

Anyway, moving on………………

Now back to Men going their own way. This drew attention because white men started talking about the red pill. It is actually far deeper than that. It started off with the Obama Election and Democrats allegedly raising their taxes. You are going to ask why is that relevant to this movement.

It’s real simple. White men feel they work hard for their money. Since many of them are married. They start losing money. It throws their marriages and relationships in turmoil. So who are you going to blame?

You will the blame president, or the wife, liberal media or just everybody in general (everybody I guess). I often see the comments said on many blogs like Huffing ton Post. Anytime, there is a feminist bringing up a controversial topic or article relating to marriage, dating, or women rights. The men go crazy on their blogs.

This whole idea this country leans “liberal”. That is very inaccurate. In my career, I talked to these men in the deep south, Midwest area and etc. They are not liberal at all, nor are the women. Everybody can feel the world is holding hands in America like the black female bloggers claim. If a black female blogger says every white guy wants to marry a black woman. Well it must be the reality. They said ITS HAPPENING. If you do not believe it than you must be racist or something. Why you do not want the black pussy?

Nobody said men do not want the black pussy. They just do not want to marry a black woman or even date them seriously. That is the case I am making. Obviously you cannot generalize. You always have a sub group that is doing well at it. However those black women could have married any race of man INCLUDING THEIR OWN MEN.

The black female bloggers are saying it does not matter who you are, you can find a white simp to marry you. Just jump in the garbage can and accept any white guy at this point. He could be a bum, criminal, a corpse. LOL

Like Nappyhoe said ” Do not disrespect their white daddy”. LOL

Now back to Men going their own way. I think many of the Sociologists and experts are sort of right about the out of wedlock crisis being A BIG PROBLEM.

Since I live in one of the worst communities in the United States, Orlando Pine Hills Florida. Hmm About 10 young black men have died in a month out here NEAR MY BLOCK NO LIE. Another 20 black men locked up in the last 2 months for robbery, shooting, drugs and etc.

People ask the tough question is it the fault of black women of this happening. I do not completely agree with this. If the father gets locked up for x amount of years, that will family will collapse. It always starts with the father in my opinion. You are the leader, you must control that situation when you can. From my experience, black women look for leadership. That is why its easy for a flawed person to influence them. How does a black woman that has an out of wedlock kid by a black man, married a white guy by going on the internet be the authority on dating now. Clearly, black women want to believe so bad that the white guy will marry them, clothe them, not let them work, raise the kids as well, oh yeah pay the bills as well. Evia sparked it by saying her husband gives her an english muffin in bed. Well, he must be a “nice guy”. A retired white men giving you breakfast in bed. Shit, I do that and work 2 jobs. Pop it in the toaster.


Now if she REFUSES to listen like I told my girlfriend when she wanted to leave. I simply told her you got to be prepared for those consequences out there. You are on you’re own. Let the thugs and criminals get you. Because you are not educated enough to get a better job for yourself or even support yourself. Once I turn my back on, I ain’t coming back and do not call my family. I am just a blunt person. It does not take much for me to cut a black woman loose. I am always fair, we both cheated on each other. However I was prepared for those consequences. I am big boy, I know when I am doing wrong.

I just tell the truth. Obviously black women got so much pride they never heed the warning and end up fucked up.

This goes right into the “nice guy” stupid argument these black women bloggers are having. Do not trust a “nice guy”. Okay so do not trust a nice guy but trust a thug. Their whole mindset is stupid. Basically what you are asking for is a trained simp (which they will never get). These black puppies are just plain stupid.

I am not going to write too much concerning this. It’s like you coming to fight with a knife and men got shotguns and machine guns. You got no leverage to demand a man to do anything, or act a certain way if you are dependent on him financially. Most black women are on the verge of financial collapse any moment but you said do not trust a nice guy.

How about we just avoid you altogether? If 80 percent of you with children are single mothers, you are doing nothing to help yourself with silly demands. Successful men are the prize for the last 10 years NOW.

I am out

(New Shit) Life of a Blog Crook…The Prequel (MGTOW ) Intro…. Relationships are sketchy… I am putting my girlfriend through Hell! On Marriage ( I give a dude credit if he tried) Huffing-ton Post Article on the Decline of Marriage..(Bonus ) Ex Christelyn Karazin Follower (The Nappyhoe83 Story) My Work Continues .. The Return of Jigsaw

(Looking out the window)

Nappyhoe hit it right on the nail. The PROBLEM is the infighting within the “Swirl” community is being exposed.  For the record, I don’t care about a black woman’s profession. I am very liberal on the whole sex industry game.  

She said something interesting, she said “put a ring on it and take me off the market”. Basically its self explanatory being a whore is not a long term profession.  It’s really funny that Christelyn and her have this little war going on.

(Yawn) I live in the South.  Misha from Lakeland looks EXACTLY like her (nappyhoe), talks like her. Perhaps 1 of the few black women that are interesting in terms of their philosophy I like to talk too. (Older version actually).  Very articulate and attractive but the whoring is sort of a rebellious streak many of these down south black women have.

Nappyhoe looks young. She says, she does not mess with black men. I predict that will change.   I am a street dude.  I size up black women pretty well.  Nappyhoe is definitely in her prime. She had her knocks in life. 

Now as for the Christelyn Karazin daughter situation and not paying piano lessons.  I don’t know man.  Maybe there is more to the story concerning that. I do not get involved in the family affairs of people.

Nappyhoe is very interesting person.  I think for the last 2 or 3 years when I talk about down south black women.  It was hard to push that line for them. What I mean is, it was hard to get their stories out.  I just recently tried to push those story lines.  I think the down south market is a huge market for black women readers. I really don’t think people want to hear ” Oh the white guy is going to sweep me off my feet and give me breakfast in bed forever”. It is just a false notion of swirling.

People are going to say why do you got no respect for Tracy Renee? She is allegedly in the sex industry.  See, Tracy Renee influences other black women to get in the sex industry.  You on a platform talking about ” Swirl” and you are leading them down the wrong road. That is a different animal. You are promoting a prostitute. That is a felony.  If you want to be a blogger, than be that. 

If you want to be a street chick, or ride with Tracy Renee. You got to be prepared for the consequences that come with the street shit. Christelyn Karazin would crumble like a cookie if she went to jail. No question about it.

Nappyhoe just chose her path. She ain’t say its the right thing to do or wrong thing to do.  A fundamental difference.


 There is never no personal responsibility with the matriarchy and feminism.  I kind of feel sorry for white guys.  They seem to be the piggy bank for women, now black women want to put their dirty finger nails in their wallet as well.  Yet, have the audacity to attack black men while being a bottom feeder that never once in their miserable lives thought outside of their own shallow personal lives.

That is really a reflection of what you see with Christelyn Karazin, The Housewives shows. They are too busy sipping wine and lecturing people off the dime of desperate women and stupid simps that finance this garbage.

A majority of people in the United States or the World are not sipping wine,  or doing media events for shallow self promotion.  It’s really disgusting to me on so many levels.  To promote a false image to black women that men are “not good enough” unless he has me sipping wine, not working aka being a lazy housewife.

The black female bloggers said “hey why work hard, get an education, and amount to something when you can just “Swirl”?

The seemed to have left out “WHO PAYS FOR THIS”? Oh, the rainbeau will do it!

Just like the Gov’t does for me. The white man bail out is always there.

My response is god bless the idiot that is doing that.  I will never do it, nor will other black men. I think they know this already.


For my new readers, or people that are new here. My resume speaks like this. I have a Degree in Sociology/Criminology BA. I have a A.S in Computer Science and Medical Billing. I currently work 2 jobs for 2 top companies in Florida and Texas. I have also worked with trouble kids in PA. I have pretty much studied this subject of dating and black relationships for years.

I think many people would like to dismiss as crazy or mean. Obviously I do aim to entertain. There are more things going in the world that are more important. Unfortunately for women, getting their hair and nails done is a priority right now. Oh yeah and finding the right simp to get them clothes and shoes. I understand that is important as well for THEM. We do need nice clothes and shoes in life. LOL


My title sums it up. My feeling on marriage, a give a dude credit if he tried. This generation of women are not marriage material.

If rainbeaus are even against marriage, just imagine what the black man goes through. I am not against marriage, I just felt like this generation of women is not marriage material. It’s like putting a scrub on you’re NBA team that does not contribute.

It’s really just too much problems. She either financially stupid, erratic, soft, not ambitious or fat. Maybe a combination of the three, single mothers are just a lost cause all around. They ain’t never getting married. I don’t care if Jesus came down to earth and did the ceremony. Not amount of swirl TV shows will change that.

You know I had to drop the soul album Training Day 4. The Rise of the MGTOW movement. Men going their own way. I heard some black female bloggers are supposedly going to CNN the lowest rated network in America to push the Swirl. Media attention does not stop the MGTOW movement. All it does is make it worse. Unlike the mainstream media, I read the pulse of America in the Midwest and the South. Northeast liberals and West Coast liberals do not own the electorate on this issue.

I read some interesting articles on the state of marriage and dating. Since the goal post has shifted to only “dating” at this point. The unintended consequences of the white man bail out. The marriage statics have not budged, and it will continue to decline. This will continue to happen as the economy remains at a stand still. As a sociologist, I have observed this for years.

The question is why are men not interested in marriage? The Huffington Post touched on it.

1. You’ll lose respect. A couple of generations ago, a man wasn’t considered fully adult until he was married with kids. But today, fathers are figures of fun more than figures of respect: The schlubby guy with the flowered diaper bag at the mall, or one of the endless array of buffoonish TV dads in sitcoms and commercials. In today’s culture, father never knows best. It’s no better in the news media. As communications professor James Macnamara reports, “by volume, 69 percent of mass media reporting and commentary on men was unfavorable, compared with just 12 percent favorable and 19 percent neutral or balanced.”

2. You’ll lose out on sex. Married men have more sex than single men, on average – but much less than men who are cohabiting with their partners outside of marriage, especially as time goes on. Research even suggests that married women are more likely to gain weight than women who are cohabiting without marriage. A Men’s Health article mentioned one study that followed 2,737 people for six years and found that cohabiters said they were happier and more confident than married couples and singles.

3. You’ll lose friends. “Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine.” That’s an old song, but it’s true. When married, men’s ties with friends from school and work tend to fade. Although both men and women lose friends after marriage, it tends to affect men’s self-esteem more, perhaps because men tend to be less social in general.

4. You’ll lose space. We hear a lot about men retreating to their “man caves,” but why do they retreat? Because they’ve lost the battle for the rest of the house. The Art of Manliness blog mourns “The Decline of Male Space,” and notes that the development of suburban lifestyles, intended to bring the family together, resulted in the elimination of male spaces in the main part of the house, and the exile of men to attics, garages, basements – the least desirable part of the home. As a commenter to the post observes: “There was no sadder scene to a movie than in ‘Juno’ when married guy Jason Bateman realized that in his entire huge, house, he had only a large closet to keep all the stuff he loved in. That hit me like a punch in the face.”

5. You could lose your kids, and your money. And they may not even be your kids. Lots of men I spoke with were keenly aware of the dangers of divorce, and worried that if they were married and it went sour, the woman might take everything, including the kids. Other men were concerned that they might wind up paying child support for kids who aren’t even theirs – a very real possibility in many states. On my blog, I polled over 3200 men to ask how they would react to finding out that a child wasn’t theirs after all. 32 percent said they would feel “anger and fury at the mother,” 6 percent said they would feel “depression,” 18 percent said “anger and depression,” 2 percent said “none of the above,” 32 percent said “angry at the system that forced them to pay,” and only 2 percent “didn’t care.” One man commented that his ex-wife had taunted him with the knowledge that his 11-year old son wasn’t actually his: “I was angry at the mother…I severed all ties to the boy. Some may see this as a failing. I see it as self-preservation, and to those that ask the question of whether or not the courts will make a non-biological parent pay child support, pay attention: YES THEY WILL! They see you as nothing more than a source of cash for the child. It seems that a person in these situations should be able to sue the real father for child support.”

6. You’ll lose in court. Men often complain that the family court legal system is stacked against them, and in fact it seems to be. Women gain custody and child support the majority of the time, as pointed out in this ABC News article: “Despite the increases in men seeking and receiving alimony, advocates warn against linking the trend to equality in the courtroom. Family court judges still tend to favor women, said Ned Holstein, the founder of Fathers & Families, a group advocating family court reform. “‘Family court still gives custody overwhelmingly to mothers, child support overwhelmingly to mothers, and courts still give almony overwhelmingly to mothers and women,’ he said. ‘The family courts came into existence years ago in order to give things to mothers that mothers needed,” he said. ‘The times have changed and the courts have not.’”

7. You’ll lose your freedom. At least, if you’re charged with child support that you can’t pay, you can be put in jail – and if you can’t afford a lawyer, you don’t have the right to have one appointed because, according to the Supreme Court, it’s technically a civil matter, never mind the jail time. Fathers and Families found that it’s the men who are jailed rather than women: “A new report concludes that between 95% and 98.5% of all incarcerations in Massachusetts sentenced from the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts from 2001 through 2011 have been men. Moreover, this percentage may be increasing, with an average of 94.5% from 2001 to 2008, and 96.2% from 2009 through 2011. It is likely that most of these incarcerations are for incomplete payment of child support. Further analysis suggests that women who fail to pay all of their child support are incarcerated only one-eighth as often as men with similar violations.”

8. Single life is better than ever. While the value of marriage to men has declined, the quality of single life has improved. Single men were once looked on with suspicion, passed over for promotion for important jobs, which usually valued “stable family men,” and often subjected to social opprobrium. It was hard to have a love life that wasn’t aimed at marriage, and premarital sex was risky and frowned upon. Now, no one looks askance at the single lifestyle, dating is easy, and employers probably prefer employees with no conflicting family responsibilities. Plus, video games, cable TV, and the Internet provide entertainment that didn’t used to be available. Is this good for society? Probably not, as falling birth rates and increasing single-motherhood demonstrate. But people respond to incentives. If you want more men to marry, it needs to be a more attractive proposition.


The most interesting part of this discussion is the comments by the men. They rather chew off their arm then get married.

It’s very interesting that women in the media, female bloggers seem to tune out men. I often hear stuff about swirl this and that. It is almost like the men does not exist. It’s like they are carrying on a marriage all by themselves. I often say women are delusional to the point where they will plan out shit WITHOUT THE GUY. All of a sudden they figure out down the road “maybe I should have a man in the make believe play house I created,  how do I make that happen?.

Thus the skyrocketing rate of out of wedlock rates. (Trap a man) kid so he will marry me. The formula has not changed, it will continue NOT TO CHANGE. Because really what can women do to a force a marriage. They can have endless kids by different men when that man does not want to marry them. That is really the only reason why women do not use birth control. I hear the endless excuses of men not ‘manning up”. Oh, you are not a man if you don’t take care of my kids by different men.

Listen, you are not a woman because you couldn’t keep what 2 or 3 of you’re baby daddies around. But men need to man up. You must be high or drunk.

(Marriage and the Wall VOL 1) How Black Women failed to get Married…. I rather leave it in the hands of “Fate”! (I am trying to fall back but they won’t let me) Bonus Preview to the BWBFA Album (Bitter Women Bottom Feeders of America) Remember… y’all never loved us!

(Looking out the window)

Thanks for reading my blog over the years.  I try to give the people reality entertainment when it comes to dating black women.  I really never read the stats on my blog. I was surprised I came in at a strong 7 percent right behind Tommy Sotomayor.  LOL   That is with no promotion and hardly writing on my blog.

Oh yeah, not even using youtube videos.  I was happy with 1 percent or even 2 readers to be honest with you.  That shows the growth of this particular genre of blogging.  I figure the dating genre of blogging will grow. 

I might put Mrs Laurelton Queens out very soon. We got new phones. I got an I Phone 5 coming Tuesday and a Galaxy note coming.  I am just waiting for the right time to put that album out.  Right now I am building my buzz on Lipstick Alley.


Looking out at the landscape of black women bloggers. Sorry for the delay of the new album. Shout out to all my readers and lurkers. If I only got 1 reader. I am happy with it. It always takes time to build a buzz. By the way, i see many black women bloggers using my slang “bottom feeders”. I take it as a compliment though. They got some nerve referring to men as bottom feeders.

I recently wrote on a post about this idea of black women being a prize. They should be treated as the prize. In my all my years of dating, I ain’t met a prize. That goes for middle class black women. Just because you go to college, law school and etc does not make you a prize.

I reserve a “prize” as a woman with the whole package. For example, educated, attractive, does not have several kids by different men and actually has a career. You can arguably say that excludes about 95 percent of black women.

There are several types of black women bottom feeders.

1. You got the dinner whore. You can go out like 20,000 times, she always seems broke. You would think the pussy is worth it.
In the end it wasn’t worth it. You keep looking at her like ” I could have bought a new shirt or watch or something”.

2. The other type of bottom feeder. A career college student in her late 30s. Like you are going to wait around until she finishes school at 40 years old. To make matters worse, she demands to have a baby and family right after school. My response you are fired. You are not a spring chicken here having kids at damn near 40 years old. Let it go baby.

3. The other type of bottom feeder, the delusional chubby black girl. She thinks every man wants her for her 200 pound body. Sadly that is not the case. But you can’t tell her that because the thug simps sweat her all the time. Again who is going to pass up easy pussy. She got fired too.

4. The other type of bottom feeder, talked about her bad relationships, baby daddy and current guy spanking her and not really talking to her. After almost falling asleep listening to that. She got fired asap.

5. The other type of bottom feeder, loose old ass black women. How you turn in a ho at damn near 40 years old. At first, it seems cool and you realize she is goofy. She just seems to happy to he a ho, it irks you after awhile. Maybe she is reliving her childhood or something. Perhaps the most nicest black women out of the bunch. Again a dead end street, partly because of her age and overall her being just goofy. I deal with these type of old ass black women all the time. Sort of a comfortable being a sperm bucket.

I always said seeing a old broken black woman is arguably the worse. You can see the vulnerability and weakness. THOSE are the black women that saw the cliff and tried to turn around before it was too late. Unfortunately, they crashed into the wall and are now crippled.

That is why I say sellout black women are the weakest calf in the herd. They are often the sperm bucket for accomplished black men. They can say what they want on a blog. I never take it personal. It’s like you give me sex, why am I mad at you? I mean, you irk me, but I am not mad at you in the sense you stole something from me. I see you just want attention that’s all.


I will touch on number 5 some more. Since the audience of readers are in the 30s and up age group. Roughly the women that are struggling in the dating game tend to be 28 and up. For black women maybe younger.

You will often hear black women need to date out. More specifically rainbeaus. The sad fact is many rainbeaus are not entering into serious relationships with black women. It does not matter how many celebrities pictures you up. It does not matter if Tia Tomery is being called names by anonymous people that are trolling. Those celebrities are not among the “common people”.

Social media, and twitter and all these other forms of communication can “make you feel” the world loves you. The reality is people date within there own tribe. Puerto rican women date Puerto Rican men and etc. The reason that Asian women and white men are one of the leaders in interracial dating is because Asian women seem obsessed with white folks. I always though it was a bit creepy and weird.

But you have to look at it from there perspective. Asian people are in a very closed society. I remember going to college and all the Asians took Math and Busines Degrees. They would all sit in a little group and study. The black students, there was always a party to go to. I went to a couple of them. I would say its no different than a project party or a house party. The only difference is the black women look better and the place was cleaner.

I was watching a documentary on the “Fourth world”. Most of the population on the planet lives in extreme poverty. India, Asian and Africa. People do not realize how good they have it in the United States.

So why would people be surprised if an Asian girl that comes from humble beginnings would put her heart and soul into a white guy to save her. That is why so many of them are passive aggressive. This idea that Asian women are “soft”. That is a myth. I had a white friend that was literally afraid to leave his Asian wife. She would literally throw a tantrum.

Overall, black women are the polar opposite. They give up on their relationships once the man feels he is not happy. Not say black women do not try to keep their marriage and relationships together. I think men just cut them off faster than non black women. Now is that the legacy of slavery and the perceptions of black women. That might be true.

I remember seeing a white girl on a talk show crying about cheating on her white husband. The white husband started to cry and took her back. I was like ” She cheated on you but you crying about taking her back”.

Black women just got to sneeze wrong and they get cut loose. LOL Yeah, I can see the frustration many black women have. There is a double standard out there. But they also contribute to it themselves.

If you are going to drive into the wall at 100 mph. You can’t say “the car made me drive fast”. You intentionally tried to drive through the wall and you didn’t make it.

That is what many of these black women bloggers are doing. They got topics like ” why do they hate non working black women”? First off you can’t have it both ways. First you was strong and independent. Now you want to be a lazy housewife. You want to be a lazy house wife in a bad economy where 1 income cannot support the family. God bless the black women that thinks every white guy is Brad Pitt. But they are seriously delusional here.

PA girl says to me ” I should leave you, you’re a jerk”. I look at her like ” Are you high”? Who is going to be with a 40 year old chubby black girl with no formal education and a wack ass job. Yeah you have lost weight being with me, I got you looking better. Do not be fooled, I can replace you with another black women just like that.

Clearly, I got my point across to her. Just because it looks “easy” to work 2 IT Jobs and I just got certified in cable wiring (recently).

It is not EASY. That shit is hard work. When its all said and done, you will be dick riding men after I am long gone. There is nothing worse than a 50 year old black woman wearing tight jeans and halter tops at the club. I don’t care how go she looks for her age.

There are many 40 year old black women trying to dress skimpy too. You can dress tasteful. You busy dressing like these Babylonians in the street.

I am out.


Jobless people waiting in line outside unemployment office.

(Looking out the window)

(Listening to the show whistling)

The sheer hostility  of black women.   That poor middle eastern dude is a simp.

This white simp said he dates primarily black women. Yet she is going off at the mouth. Perhaps a setup show because I don’t know any black woman that hostile for no reason unless forced in a corner.

Now what makes this clip bad is it forces black women to sort of change who they are because of that stereotype of the caller.

Now she has to overcompensate like many of these sellout black women do. They have to be soft which is against their nature.  Now they can never say the rainbeau did something wrong.  You almost got to be a puppy that likes to be abused that will run back.

It’s just really not a long term type of relationship that will get them to marriage.

Men do not marry their dogs no matter how loyal they are.

Moving on.

I was actually watching a documentary on 4 world countries and how the world’s population is increasing. The sociology in me couldn’t resist watching this. I do study black relationships and dating for years now. Aside, from my obvious beefs and fights over the internet (it comes with the territory I guess).

Definition of ‘Fourth World’

These are the most underdeveloped regions in the world. The Fourth World is used to describe the most poverty stricken, and economically troubled parts of countries in the Third World. Unlike the First, Second and Third World, the Fourth World does not have any political ties and is often based on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. This area includes tribal and nomadic communities. They may be fully functional and self surviving units, but based on their economical performance as a whole they are placed under the Fourth World status.

So what does this have to do with dating?

It has a lot to do with it. The black community is just a small microscopic problem of a world wide problem.

God bless black women when they say, they never date thugs and criminals. But the reality is black women really have very few options. The United States is very unique in the sense that the country has a big economy. We are probably the only country that still houses, feeds and gives extremely poor people a better quality of life in comparison to these 4 world country.

Where in the world can you have 3 or 4 kids by different men and actually survive with those kids?

Most people in the world live off a dollar a day. To make matters worse, the population is still increasing despite war, famine and poverty.

Now let’s get back to dating. I read an interesting statistic…………

Why is a whole job getting harder to find every day in America?

Ever since the financial crash, a growing number of people have been forced to take part-time gigs when what they really want is something increasingly out of reach: solid, full-time employment. Between late 2007 and May 2013, the number of part-timers jumped from 24.7 million to 27.5 million. A 2013 Gallup poll shows that one in every five workers is now part-time. Some folks, like students, may work part-time because they want to. Nothing wrong with that. But involuntary part-time employment is not a choice, it’s a burden. Often it means substandard jobs with crazy schedules that don’t pay nearly enough. According to the Labor Department, as many as a third of all part-timers fall into the involuntary category.

There are signs that their ranks are likely to swell.

AlterNet / By Lynn Stuart Parramore comments_image 119 COMMENTS
Half Lives: Why the Part-time Economy Is Bad for Everyone
In America today, a whole job is increasingly hard to find.


Editor’s note: This is part of Lynn Parramore’s ongoing AlterNet series on job insecurity and part of the New Economic Dialogue Project.

Why is a whole job getting harder to find every day in America?

Ever since the financial crash, a growing number of people have been forced to take part-time gigs when what they really want is something increasingly out of reach: solid, full-time employment. Between late 2007 and May 2013, the number of part-timers jumped from 24.7 million to 27.5 million. A 2013 Gallup poll shows that one in every five workers is now part-time. Some folks, like students, may work part-time because they want to. Nothing wrong with that. But involuntary part-time employment is not a choice, it’s a burden. Often it means substandard jobs with crazy schedules that don’t pay nearly enough. According to the Labor Department, as many as a third of all part-timers fall into the involuntary category.

There are signs that their ranks are likely to swell.

Part-Time Nation

Employers have found a new excuse to drop full-time employees to part-time status: the Affordable Care Act. Diane Stafford of the Kansas City Star looks at a trend called the “Obamadodge,” in which bosses around the country, including Regal Entertainment Group, franchise owners of Five Guys, Applebee’s and Denny’s, and the owner of Papa John’s pizza chain, have announced plans to side-step new requirements that businesses with over 50 full-time-equivalent employees offer their full-time workers access to a qualified healthcare plan or pay a penalty.

The healthcare law defines a full-time employee as anyone working more than 30 hours a week, so the boss simply cuts workers’ hours and hires additional part-time staff to make up the difference. Stafford notes that as many as 2.3 million workers across the country are at high risk of having their hours slashed to below the 30-hour mark.

Another rising trend is employers changing part-time workers’ schedules from week to week. According to a New York Times report, this manuever is becoming commonplace in the American retail and hospitality industries. Bosses use sophisticated software to track the flow of customers and purchasing patterns in stores, which allows managers to assign just enough employees to handle the anticipated demand. Instead of five- or six-hour shifts, workers get two- or three-hour shifts. They are often called in at the last minute, and have no way of predicting which days they’ll be working.

At Jamba Juice, for example, employers at Manhattan’s popular smoothie shop use weather forecasts and temperature checks to make micro-adjustments to weekly schedules. If the weather tomorrow is hot, the boss knows that more customers are likely to come in for a cool drink, so more employees will be called in for certain shifts. The managers of clothing stores use different variables to estimate shopping patterns. As with so many trends that negatively impact workers, Walmart is cited as a pioneer in the heavy reliance on part-time workers and the penalizing of those who have difficulty adjusting schedules.

The Times notes that according to a 2011 survey by the City University of New York, half of retail workers in New York City were part-time, and only 10 percent of part-timers had a set schedule week to week. One out of five said they had to be available for call-in shifts either all or most of the time. Obviously, single mothers and others who can’t shift schedules at the drop of a hat, like students trying to take classes, suffer miserably under the new paradigm. And there’s little chance of working more than one part-time job if your schedule is in constant flux.


Now to the unintended consequences of dating for black women. Now the whole movement of dating white men ” to get  a better life”. Essentially that is the argument. Now consider people like Christelyn Karazin and other black women having kids by black men or 1 child.  How do they think every black woman will be eligible for a gravy train ride with a white guy? The inference here is every white guy is a corporate executive or something.

Most men fall into the middle class or lower class. If those men have been divorced, have children, pay child support and etc. They are definitely in the lower class at this point. no matter what color they are.

I am a middle class black male living a lower class existence.  I do not have to live in the lower class black neighborhood I am currently in.  I do it to save money and further my education. I will be eventually moving again once I feel very secure in my employment. Just because you have money to move. That does not mean you just move.  I am very close to paying off all my debts.

Over the years I have read many blogs of black women. The reason I read Christelyn’s blog because that particular sub group of black women have valid frustrations. Aside from the obvious using black men as punching bags for their frustrations.  I can totally understand why their upset.

If you got no options but to burn bridges with black men and leave yourself at the mercy of white men.  Obviously any smart black woman wouldn’t want to look desperate. Unfortunately, they do make themselves look desperate. I don’t care how much you try to sugar coat it on you’re blog. I don’t care how much you try to “shame” other men into reprimanding men like “me”.  The fact remains you are at the mercy of men.

White men even know you’re desperate.  Men are all different. White men tend to not acknowledge you at all. Black men are more likely to address you’re fuck shit.

Thus it makes us look like we aggressive.

Men are not really bred for benevolence or forgiveness like that. Some may preach that.  You got male simp writers that preach the opposite of what men are really about. I haven’t seen Matthew Hussey with a fat chick with 2 kids out of wedlock, or a poor woman.  I doubt Matthew has ever seen a black woman naked man. I am just being honest with you.

However, has a man ever marry a woman that didn’t make his penis hard?  At the end of the day, a man is rather superficial.  I really don’t care what rainbeaus say on a woman’s blog. That is equivalent to pissing in the wind.  FriendsofJay, that guy has a white wife and talks about black women in the past tense.  How about leave you’re fat white wife and get a black woman. Explain to all of them how it was great to do so.

Jay will not do it. He knows the truth.

If I was a white guy and I saw conflict. I would take the best looking, black woman out of the bunch of bottom feeders. 1 that would worship me.  There is obvious deal breakers because black women are a fickle bunch.  They want to the status of being with a white guy but want black folks to respect them and love them.  It is sort of a fine line.

Black women are sensitive like that. They look for that all inclusive community to be accepted. This is how a majority of black folks are raised. You have to be close to the community, you got to take party in church, you have to help out the less fortunate in the black community. Mainly black women do this.

1 of them on the blogs said that once she dated a white guy, she didn’t have any non black female friends anymore. She said “fuck them”.  It’s that attitude that gets you nowhere in life. It shows me you are just desperate. 

In all my 36 years of dealing with black women. I can tell when they are desperate, not leaving you, unhappy, bitter, and lonely. They really cannot hide those traits from black men.  

That is why I call them bottom feeders. They want to slip and slide under a white guy and pray he overlooks their obviously mental problems and financial problems.

Now back to being accepted…

When black women do this in a white community with a white spouse.  It really never gives them the validation a black person would give them.  For example. I was raised in the church since I was a baby. If a black woman went to college or did anything positive, they would bring her to the podium to praise her.

In a white community, its more like, I am glad she got away from those reckless and crazy Negros. Let me pat her on the head, she is not like those “other blacks:.

People are going to think with that statement I am speculating on what white folks think. It is not speculating, its the truth. Everybody judges people.

That is why I always say, ” where are the white men blogging about black women”? Even better where are the non black men doing it?

Outside of me and and some other less known writers.  We actually talk about black women.  We are on the fringes because black women bloggers are just sensitive like that. LOL What can you do? You would think we are trying to shoot them.

Since many black women are transitioning in trying to “find positive white male simp writers”. I decided to put up a youtube video up.

More later

New Album (Black women seem the same) Follow up to (Black women were never the same) I want you to stay ft Mrs Kitty (10 Year Anniversary) MGTOW Part 2 (Men going their own way controversy) Nice “Bad” Guys always finish first!

(Looking out the window)


Apparently, the rainbeau hit the wall with a sellout black girl. She seems like a pretty put together black girl.  You really have to do some foul shit for the rainbeau to move and divorce you.

He seems like a nice guy but nice guys get kicked in the ass often. Now he got 4 kids he has to pay for with 1 job in this economy. On top of that, the knucklhead sellout black woman he was with. She got on his nerves so bad that you can tell in his whole body language he can’t stand her.

Listen, when a black woman says ” I guess I have to get a second job, hum drum”.

She fucked up man big time. LOL A rainbeau simp is only going to put up with so much. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. To add insult to injury, she only cares if he with another god damn woman????

Aren’t you worried about Jermey’s bills?????????? You nappy headed bottom feeder! Like pussy will solve all Jeremey’s problems. LOL

Personally, I would have slapped her face.  Just for messing up my money!!!

Looking out at the landscape of dating for black women. Everything I said has happened. You can show me where on my blog where I was ever wrong. This is what makes me 1 of the most compelling black male writers for the last 10 years, aside from the jokes and crass videos. Since the internet is growing as such a rapid pace. I start to feel a vibe of writing with more clarity and seriousness. I never write just to write. There has to be something to inspire me. I have to step away and look at the dating game in the black community. I will study numbers, the aging population of black women still single, I rarely go off stories because they can be embellished. Black women tend to tell their “side of the story”. As you can see in the video above.

My main gripe with black women bloggers, they never want the input of men. That is a farce. They want to hear, what ‘they want to hear”. If a simp praises them, well he is a good simp.  That is why many of them stay in the same sandbox for years playing with the same Barbie dolls.  

Looking at the list of black female bloggers that have faded out, crumbled, and failed. When it was it all said and done Mrs Kitty survived it all. So a special thanks to Mrs Kitty. As for my personal life, Lakeland land girl faded, Army girl is sort of around trying to hang on. God bless her but she left me for another dude that was a nut case. Apparently he has a death wish. He is also military as well. Like what many black women say, that rings true. Military men are bat shit crazy.

When that bottom feeder Army girl says a dude is crazy and she is from the backwoods of Alabama. That Negro is crazy and I believe her. Misha is still with her Pastor Boyfriend  and she is still a substance abuser and trying to hang onto a man that beats her. Actually the title was inspired of what she said to me at the end of 2013.

She said “I want you stay with me”. I sort of “shrugged” and she pretty much knew the end was coming. I just do not feel the same way I felt about it her for the last 2 or 3 years. She was playing with my beard and goatee. Typical sellout black girl with her valley voice ” such a grizzly man”. Last time I saw her was in the hospital, she tried to drink herself to death. I am glad she is still alive though. 

Contrary to my persona on here.  I am Christian that preaches forgiveness.  I never did anything to anybody that never had it coming to them. That goes for all of those black female bloggers, they know its the truth. They know I stood firm on everything.

Even in all my relationships I am the same way.  You was foul to me or disloyal to me first. Even with my ex lawyer girlfriend, she broke up with me prior to me going with PA Girl.  Technically we wasn’t in a relationship but she might have felt that.  I always tell the truth at the end when you put my back against the wall.

Like I said before, God Forgives Black Men don’t to a certain degree.

Lakeand girl stalled me on a relationship for 2 years sorting herself out career wise.  Now she wants us to go back to “dating”.  I am locked in right now, I doubt that will happen.

Army girl was supposed to live with me, she picked the residence out. Out of all of them, she was in a good position, house established, I had a good job (on my way up).  She played that game and out of anger PA girl  got “flown down here”.  Now she is trying to get back into my good graces to regain her prime position. 

Obviously, it must be a big blow to her. Black women like to say they get plenty of opportunities to get a house and live with a man. That is far and in between. PA Girl just saw the “wall” before she could. That is where age and experience comes in. Army girl is 30 years old but her mindset in here 20′s.

I have to admit, I was sort of feeling the marriage thing with Army girl but PA Girl was down here. I had to ride that out because she jumped off that cliff with no parachute to be with me. I can only respect that. Any woman willing to go to the wall for you. You got to keep her.

I told Army girl this recently at her Brother house.  She is still stubborn and arrogant but it was a good feeling hanging out with her.  We actually were very compatible. We traveled all the time.  Maybe when I am old man, I will look back and say ” that was the 1 that got away”.


PA girl is the last woman standing out of all of them. Former Jail Bird and all. She is ALOT more mature now that she is 40 years old. I am much more MATURE at 36 years old. Her career is doing good at Liberty Tax so I am proud of her. She saw the urgency in getting her career going.

My career of course is set. I plan to live and die at the Cable Company I work for. They give me raises, promotions, treated me with respect, I generally like the folks there. I can’t recall ever working for a company that actively asks you’re input on important tasks and the future of the company. I actually like going to work so I can’t complain.

My detractors did everything they could to bring me down. I continue to strive due to hard work and dedication.

My blog peers they continue to ride the white rainbeaus boxers waiting for crumbs from his table. I never liked the idea of black women begging for a man, especially a white guy. That has always bothered me.

If you are an accomplished black women you will eventually shine through. These bottom feeders like Mrs Karazin and Koola Boof need black men to blame for making them feel insecure about their skin color.

The reality is,  you feel insecure about it. You push it off on other people. I am a dark skin man, I happen to be really dark. I never blamed people for making me feel “less than”.

Obviously, I used my other “talents” to get attention. I was never the tallest guy, most athletic, brightest, best looking guy, nor even the funniest guy. I always had to make up for shortcomings and confidence makes you the ultimate man.

I will say, I was one the hardest working guy though. I cannot take that away from myself.  I outworked every 1 of those guys in relationships, jobs and education. Mrs Karazin said to me “why do you care so much”?

It felt like an insult, wtf you mean why do I care so much? If you are going to write in this genre. You need to be serious about it or people won’t read you’re shit.  There is even a work ethic in writing. If you do not care about you’re own shit, who else will care.  I write with conviction.

That is why I learned early on, nice guys always finish last. Now “nice bad guys” always finish first.

You ask me, what is a “bad nice guy”? A Bad Nice guy is already at the top of his profession, confident and can call the shots in relationships. He sees the weaknesses in women that they never saw in themselves.

Now, if you point out a weakness to a woman and it “bothers” her instead of making her learn from those mistakes. Well you got you a good woman right there.

If anything you say to a woman that you are interested in, never shakes her spirit or “core character”. You got you a good woman right there. BECAUSE confidence attracts a man to a woman. AS WELL, letting the man take the lead in protecting her. It’s a fine line.

I read that women say men are intimidated by educated and successful women. I read the numbers on that. In my opinion the numbers missing some of the core things that men look for in a woman they want to date.

Let’s say a woman is very attractive and got a master’s degree. He has a Bachelor’s degree (like myself). If her attitude is negative or she got a long criteria list she looks for in a man. That is a turn off for most men even the ONES that would have been compatible for her.

Black women say ” You want me to settle”. HMm Depends on what you call settling. If a non black woman has a high school diploma, decent job and JUST AS attractive as you. Guess what the deal break is going to be for that man.

You’re attitude is going to be the deal breaker. Black women put too much stock in their education AS IF men only look at that. Men look at the face, body, and if she got kids. Everything else can be negotiated.

I will continue on at a later time.


Off (Last Black Male Blogger Standing) Black Blog HOV. The rise of the Black Corporate Male Thug Vol 2 (PSA INTRO) Just remember when it hits the fan, you can never say Mr LQ Lied to you Jack! (Man you was, who you was, before you Blogged here)!

(Looking out the window)

I actually worked 2 days on this post. I read a certain author says she became a sellout because she was dark skin. That was her confession.

So, if you were “Lighter” skin, you wouldn’t be participating in No Wedding No Womb, the blog would not exist. She just exposed herself as a bottom feeder hater. Man ” you was, who you was, before you blogged here”.

Now she is stuck with semi feminine guy with numerous children. The only saving grace is the white simp married her. Arguably she would be a statistic of her own stupid blog.


I read some of the tired ass material the sellout black women are writing. More specifically Chrissy lyn crying and complaining about being dark skin. Apparently the white rainbeaus are running after dark skin women like Precious. See I often read the hidden messages black women write in their blogs.

What it boils down too, its a money issue. They do not care about the average white simp that works in a factory, or is a construction worker, or a blue collar worker.

They want the white woman’s men. That has always been the obstacle for them. They do the undercover hating to attack white women. They say “well that nigga is going to treat you bad, trust me I know”. Child please, that is the same attitude that got you alone now.

When a white guy rejects you and goes back to a white woman. You never have any venom for him. You never say he is a beta simp that is not equal to his peers in the corporate world. I kind of look at the situation with these “older” black women desperately looking for attention. 90 percent of their blogs are dedicated to black men. They claim black men stalk their blogs and etc.

If anybody was talking shit about you, wouldn’t you confront them? It’s almost like they feel they own us and can talk to us like a child. Bitch who the fuck are you to mention black men on you’re blog. We don’t have the right to retaliate. If you was happy with a white guy, go be with him.

You never got the heart to confront white women. Who still happen to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to relationships.

If I read the numbers right, white women are keeping “their men” and taking “black men”. But you are complaining about black men. Currently black men nearly triple lap you in interracial dating. That means all that shit you were talking is not helping you. The numbers have no changed concerning white men being willing to marry black women. No matter how much you try to promote it.

That is the reality of it. You just have to live with it or complain about the rainbeaus.(Which we all know that never works out for you).

Now they are having a petty argument about dark skin women. The sad reality of it is black men date dark skin women more than any race. When the white guy says he does not like dark skin and nappy hair. You never say anything about it but he is racist. Like Toni said ” Open you’re heart and accept me”. You sound like you are begging and desperate.

I have said this for years, the blogs black women do is quite amusing. They like to think people view their blogs as understanding their “opinion”. People view you as desperate and losers. People do not have the attention span to understand you’re opinion. That is why you are met with resistance.

Like Jamila said ” its not what you say, its how you say it”.

Christelyn Karazin throws sand in the face of her followers with NO white partner by saying she is eating dinner with her simp white husband. LOL

Who does that? It feels like watching a self absorbed loser unhappy with her marriage, so she comes out and screams real loud in the air. LOL She forced a gay white man to marry her and she is proud of that.

You see, I always see the end before they see it. Why would she stay in a sham marriage with a gay dude?

Christelyn is soft and she couldn’t bear the embarrassment. But all great black women bloggers. They always push that envelope and get laid out. There is so many cracks in their character. You can just sit back and watch them implode. 99 percent of them end up imploding.

See, I always put my credibility and blog career on the line. These women do not. That is why Debra Dickerson failed. That is why CW got married to a black man. That is why what’s her face is paying for her own marriage and honeymoon. That is why Evia is trying to change her style up to compete with Mrs Karazin.

They are getting old like those ATL Housewives. Showing you butt and body at age 40 and up. Just please give it up. I am just tired of those old ass women standing in the way of new writers.

Whatever you are blogging about you’re age is irrelevant.

Even when black men lose they win. There will just be more biracial black girls to be with.

In the end, you’re venom and hatred got you NOWHERE.

They simply do not know when to quit.

I see the intensity of the commentary by those women. It just shows me the successful black men are getting in their head. It’s like a player whining when they get dunked on. They run to the referee and complain.

You had how many years to “get off”. Now that black male bashing gravy train is ending. I always said you can run from life but you can’t run from death.

I think women fail to realize that men can be very self sufficient without a woman. The opposite is not true. Women tend to have lay offs with raising children and the eternal need to fight the biological clock.

You really can’t fight biology. Women counter the argument by saying men need sex. HMM, perhaps that is true. But sex can be fulfilled by beta weak females. They outnumber the general women population. ALSO women like sex as well. Sex is a form of companionship for women. Men use sex for gratification. We can go to work or do other things after our needs are fulfilled when you really think about it.

Women are not built that way. That is why they get hooked on drugs, alcohol and other vices. If you were to ask any woman that was on drugs, you can trace it back to relationships with men.

Men get on drugs to be a part of something or out of recreation, peer pressure. Relationships plays a small part. But I ain’t never met a dude get on drugs because he had relationships problems. LOL

It may have exacerbated his drug use but that’s about it.


New Album (The Last Black Male Blogger Standing) The issue of commitment. A Portrait of Black Women Failing (MGTOW Controvery) “Attacks on the Alpha Males”. New Single “Times have Changed”. I know you sound desperate, listen we can “shake on it”!

(Looking out the window)

(Sigh) The sellout black women are now forcing a black baby on a white man.

These women are something else man.  Now you are going to bully a rainbeau to take care of a black baby? It’s really what is coming too.

People may laugh and joke but the desperation of black women is coming to this.

The white rainbeau simp had the audacity to “try and stand up” and the audience booed him for what reason? The child is a black child! (Head in hands).

The black matriarchy cannot be reasoned with, talked too or anything. Jesus!

You know what it is. Jamaica Queens to  Philly PA.

Man, EVERYTHING I did, I did on my own.  World full of money and you broke. Man what’s the problem baby?

That dating “drought” is serious for these black women bloggers. Now they are jumping out the window attacking Alpha Males.  When do you get knocked for the doing right thing in life. Now we are obligated to work out ass off, to give you money.  If No Wedding No Womb ain’t work for you. Now its No Dating the womb without marriage. LOL OKAY.


You’re favorite black man is back.  I have been studying the Men going their own way controversy. (MGTOW) A growing movement of men that seems to be going against the “simping”.  It drew attention when white men spear headed this movement.

Obviously, anytime you rock the matriarchy financially. The bitterness and emotional behavior comes out.  I told my homeboy women cannot run through the wall, because the wall will not let you do it.

I wasn’t surprised that Chrissy lyn  and “friends” are attacking black men for being successful. Now she is claiming any black man that has a good career is a “player”.

“Well girl he taken or he is playing you”.  Obviously they were careful with their words concerning the rainbeau. The rainbeau found religion with black women after leaving his white wife and kids or girlfriend, ” Oh I always loved black women and etc”.

See I accept double standards  when it comes to dating and relationships. Obviously when you are not getting the man “you want”. You need someone to blame and gripe about.  That is nature of women nowadays.

I do not think the average black woman understands “men”.  It is riddle and puzzle to them. They start screening men out for the smallest things.  Shit you are not going to have anybody to date if that is the case. There is no such as a perfect man.

Now you have the audacity to knock a man trying to climb the ladder so you can live off him and just provide him with sex.  In my opinion you are a bottom feeder. I created the term “bottom feeder women”.  It will forever be a word in the history of black dating.

My definition of a bottom feeder woman (regardless of color). Since black men tend to fall in the last category of dating because we seem to attract the worst bottom feeders. These are woman that claim they are “self employed” but be broke.

You got women with 3 kids by different men and got no job. They call themselves  ”Hard working single mother”.  Where is the hard work at and you live off child support? They have the audacity to say ” I want a man to do this and etc etc, I am  the prize”.

Na, you were a prize for “many men”, now you’re not a prize. You need to humble yourself.  Just really stop thinking about marriage. It’s just not going to happen so accept that.

Now let me get back to my original thought on the sellout black women saying ” successful black men always have somebody”.

That is not accurate.  These sad pathetic old ass black women are truly sad.  Not every woman is marriage material just because she gives you the panties. I remember 1 of the sellout black women said ” I date several men and hope for the best”.  I respect what she has to say. Women date several men and penis hop many men. They got the nerve to get upset when they hit the wall.  I was letting all these men fuck me and they ain’t marry me. Essentially, that is what these women are saying. You made bad decisions in life and need a man to clean it up.

So now, they NEED man to clean up the mess.  Why are the guys with the good jos not “trained simps”?  A man knows if a woman has been a cum bucket for years. Women have a tendency to give themselves away in conversations on dates.

There are exceptions to the rule. I have met many women that were in previous relationships.  The man ended up on drugs, locked up or whatever happened.  I do have sympathy for them.  At least some of them are humble to a certain degree. But this dating game is a “rough game”. 

I wish having a spouse was a guaranteed thing.  Unfortunately that is not the case. 

I also want to touch on the hating of middle class black men (that is the root conversation of many of these pathetic black women bloggers).

Now if a accomplished black woman has many suitors. They seem to praise that. Oh the white rainbeau wants her, the black man wants her.

They do not have anything negative to say about her.  God forbid an accomplished black men are drawing the women. Now he is a “player” and etc.  No you are stupid. If men do not have a ring on their finger. They are not owned by you, that man does not technically BELONG to you.

I think folks fail to realize this.  This is why women get upset when they go on 1 date with a guy. They assume he just must belong to me. Na, you need to fix you’re weave and get out of that fantasy land.

The biggest problem for sellout black women or black women in general. They have this need to be “in control”.  They say ” You should live this way, this makes you a man”.  WTF you know about being a man, and you are a woman?????

We go out and try to compete in the corporate world or just in life in general. Men are not working just to give you money you bottom feeder. 

I get seriously offended when I read some of these pathetic black women bloggers.  They really don’t want men like me that stand strong on his convictions. They do not want those headaches.  I rather you just say you want a soft simp to give you money. No need to write on you’re blogs anymore. Most of what you talk about is whining and complaining.

Since you like to stir up the hornets nest that are men.  You start to wonder why you receive the backlash you get.  If you want to keep challenging men, ask yourself how has that worked for you???????

The backlash is going across the manosphere (as the media calls us).  Apparently,  they ran into the wall concerning that as well. There is another male movement going on. MGTOW Doctrine has been in the media 

The MGTOW ethos

Level 1: Situational awareness

This level includes men who are aware of the realities that face them in society, and yet deem the risks acceptable to have a go at playing the game…

Level 2: Rejection of long-term relationships

Man who rejects all form of long-term personal relationships with women, including but not limited to marriage, cohabitation of any sort which might be classified as common-law marriage, picking up for a single mother’s children, or any action which might be used in court to turn him into her legal indentured servant…

Level 3: Rejection of short-term relationships

Man who rejects all form of personal relationships with women, including dating, one-night stands, friendships, etc. Any contact with unfamiliar women is kept strictly professional and at a minimum…

Level 4: Economic disengagement

Man who refuses to produce more than is strictly necessary for his individual survival. He will limit actions that are punished by taxation without jeopardising his way of life and acceptable standard.

Increasingly this is the result of  ”its all about me society”.  Now women are demanding you to take care of their kids by different daddies.  They never bad mouth the broke man that got them knocked up.

They always reserve their venom for the “good simps” that get out of line.  Oh, you got a good job and career, you are a player and trying to “play me”. Okay, play you out of what? You want sex as much as I do. Apparently you think you should be “paid” for us having the privilege or something. These women are bottom feeders period!

You monkey, you played yourself when you got knocked up by several men.  Those are the men that played you’re dumb ass.

Last time I checked, successful men was worried about their careers.  Now you are attention whoring, trying to get our attention. Na, its not going to work.  Yeah keep crying in the corner of you’re world on your blogs.

I am out


(12 Years a Blog Slave) The Rise and Fall of the Modern Day Black Family Bonus “Review of 12 Years a Slave” (Preview to the Last Black Male Blogger Standing Album) The Resurrection of Mr Laurelton Queens (RIP to No Wedding No Womb) 5-0


(Looking out the window)

( I am the Grim Reaper for many of these sellout black women writers)

I ended many careers of black women writers. (Praying for them).

Christelyn Karazin is next on the list.  Once her blog career is over. I will retire.

I firmly believe in crushing you’re enemies. I will give her credit she has escaped the tombstone.   For the record I haven’t been wrong yet. 

You cannot go against the mighty black man and expect to win.  Many have tried and have failed.  You will be no exception to the rule.

(Sigh) There is so much material in my head I need to write. I just do not have time to do it.  This is what makes me 1 of the most compelling black male writers for the last 8 years, whether folks want to admit or not.

I am just cocky and arrogant like that.  As I get older I can articulate my thoughts a little better about the black experience. I do not write just to write.

I write with a purpose.  I don’t write for book deals, for fame,  for friends.

If anything, I lost friends than I have gained.  The truth rubs black folks the wrong way.  As many of my black female sellout blog counterparts have found out the hard way. 

Their problem is there message is disorganized and condescending to their readers.  My message has been pretty consistent and that is why black men are  so dominate in the dating game. We haven’t change who we are.

We want an attractive black woman with money and that conforms to us. Not the other way around.  If you can’t deal with that, than get a god damn rainbeau!

If slavery, hanging and whippings ain’t stop us. What makes you think you can?

Times have changed and that applies to rainbeaus that never seem to come to defend you! I do hear the tough talk on the girl blogs about how tall or tough you are as a rainbeau.  If you was tough, you would live in a black neighborhood.

You would go to the hood and marry Tameka but you’re not! The sellout black woman want to distinguish themselves for the “ratchet black women as they call them”.

You can say all you want on a blog but real life is the reality.  There has been bigger and tougher black men that have gone to the grave fighting among st themselves. Now what makes you the exception to the rule rainbeau?

Why would you put yourself in “harm’s way” trying to prove a point to black women that you are built for this. Well,  everybody gets their wish eventually.


Yeah sorry for the delay for my fans. It takes me time to be inspired to write.

I immediately ran in the blog studio after I saw the movie. 

Unlike my counterparts that like to write “often”. Mainly about the same thing year in and out. I kind of felt it was time to evolve as a writer. The so called
“Gender War” has had it share of casualties. Mainly, black women taking the most losses. I read that half of black men by age 23 have been arrested and 40 percent of young white males have been arrested. Clearly, they will blame men for this.

That is the link…………………

Clearly women are losing the gender war by being perpetual single mothers. White women are catching up to black women when it comes to those statistics.

I guess people thought this post would be about slavery and the legacy of slavery. There is a legacy of slavery. Most white men never owned slaves. Many of them were slave catchers, or farmers. They call  them white trash in modern america. However, they do have an edge just being white. When only have that hang onto.  Why would you give that up? Unfortunately, society is changing to the point that this group is becoming the minority.  Obviously when you are the receiving end of being a Negro it is not a pleasant experience. 

It is very interesting they show that dynamic in 12 years as a slave. Solomon is extraordinarily smarter than many of the whites that were overseers. The white overseer got so irate over Solomon being smarter than him. He tried to whip him. Solomon whipped him back and that hurt his pride so he tried to hang Solomon.

It’s no different than where we are today. It just manifest itself differently. You can look at the politics. People would rather shut down the gov’t and hurt “themselves” than to concede a Black President makes more sense than them.

Since I mainly talk about dating. I will narrow it down to those dynamics. The biggest fear for a white rainbeau to date a black woman is the fear she will go back to a black man. So what do the brilliant sellout black women led by Christelyn Karazin. Apparently shame them into “dating them”. Apparently calling them weenies, she really meant “pussy”.

Unfortunately its no secret black women like to emasculate men. Its like they can’t help themselves. They say ‘well if you don’t like it don’t be with me”. Exactly that is why men are not with you. Yet, you cry and complain about it on various blogs.

It is kind of a joke because they are first to lay on their back and say ” Oh its not an empowerment blog, the white man needs to know I will lay down and pull my panties down”.

You really can’t have it both ways. First you want a white rainbeau to “man up”, than you say ” wait wait not a feminist, see my panties are down because I am broke and struggling”.

That is the strange dynamic of the black woman. When things goes ‘real bad” for them. The panties come down with no shame.

Black women no matter how arrogant, stubborn, loud mouth they are. They can’t run through the wall. They are not physically stronger than men, they cannot force even a “nerd” to do something he does not want to do. The numerous tattoos and masculine approaches turns men off.  Throwing a tantrum so a man gives you what you want. That does last forever. That is why men duck you!

Thus what is left for them, sex is the trump card no matter how much they sacrifice their dignity and self respect.

That is why they try to “hype up a white simp”. Try to make him “tough”. You cannot make a man a fighter if he is not one.

Some men are not really ready to go to the wall for their beliefs. That is the sad reality of life.

Black women have romanticize soft rainbeaus. They just make matters worse by trying to force him to be a “man”.

You got white women who literally play xbox and playstation simply because grown men do it. Just to appease the man. He seems to be more interested in video games than having sex with you. Something is wrong with the relationship. LOL

I am not knocking video games but at 36, I am not playing video games.

But literally you got white women who sit there and play videos games just to appease a man.

I haven’t seen a black woman sit and play xbox and playstation for hours.

Maybe I do not get out much.

Now let get into the movie 12 years as a slave. The background of the movie is Solomon is a free slave from New York that was kidnapped from his family and taken to Georgia.

He was sold to a brutal slave owner known for “breaking slaves”. He also had an obsession with sexually beating and abusing his young black female slaves.

The movie really hits home for 2 reasons. There is always an underlying tension between black folks and white folks even until to this day.

When sellout black women “mouth off” about black men and kiss rainbeau’s ass. It does not matter how long ago slavery happened or even when the civil rights movement happened. You are playing with fire and that fire can consume you and you’re relationship.

There is some things in life you want to leave alone. The more times you touch the stove and you get burned. You’re dumb ass was told to stay away from the stove because it gets hot and can burn you.

Because when things all fall apart the rainbeau society is not going to pick you up. They are not going to accept you. The very same black people you had disdain for, you will see on the “WAY DOWN”. Ask Debra Dickerson living out of her grandmother house back in Georgia somewhere. God bless her too.

I predicted this for every black women blogger that I came across. I haven’t been wrong yet.

I predict that for Christelyn Karazin. Her fall will be very sad and judging from her personality. She is so fragile.

I doubt she could make in on the streets of California. She might be able to do it.

It’s a funny thing, sellout black women seem to take the disrespect and being taken advantage of in stride.  I have seen so many articulate black women self destruct, its actually pretty sad.  At the end of the day they can be a chameleon. 

The very same traits of being loud, belligerent and bossy does not work among the thugs and criminals who dominate those avenues. That is why  I often say sellout black women are the weakest calf in the herd. They have been pampered so much,  they lose the ability to fend of “shark type men”.  I’ll show you a hood black girl that literally controls the “dope boys and criminals”.  Why is she is able to do it, not only because of sex.  She has the personality that demands respect. She can manipulate rainbeaus and bring that money to those dope boys and criminals. Obviously, I would consider these black women harder than ” some men”.

I often see these older sellout black women so consumed with their ex black baby daddies, ex black husbands. End up hooked on drugs and eventually taken advantage by men.

Yeah I may be a blogger but I am a street dude. Much of what I write about is from observing the streets. Many of it observing black women in every social status. 1 common denominator they all do have is there penchant for self destruction.

I have sympathy for them. How can a black woman in a difficult economy carry everything without the help of a man.

That is literally impossible. I am 36 years old and I have been working 2 jobs for the last 10 years. It’s hard work man.

There is a classic scene in 12 years as a slave. The young black girl ask Solomon to take her life. Solomon says do not give into despair. She wants to commit suicide but she is too scared to do it herself. She ask Solomon to do it.

There are many black women like this, suicide, could be drinking, drugs, reckless sex with different men.

Yet they curse the very black men that deliver their “vices to them”. You curse the very men that you engage with for attention when white rainbeaus do not bother to read you’re complaints.

The average white rainbeau would you let you suffer.

Yet due to the benevolence of black men. We take you back and hope you change. Yet, you praise the white rainbeau that has done nothing for you. He has put his own white women ABOVE YOU. You also act like white women do not exist in this equation.

Last time I checked white women ain’t disappear off the planet.

I am out.