Black Blog Trap God Part 2 (New Mixtape) I make these Black Girls Work WORK! I got like 5 different names so I can be anybody! Girlfriend you better “Count up”. The only way you are a “Cash Cow” if you cut off that Bitch! ( Bonus) Black Out of Wedlock Rate 72%?????


Looking out the window……………

Sorry for the lay off, I was just preparing Black Blog Trap God. You know my style does not change. I just give my fans what they like. Good music, good content, something thought provoking to read. The New Single I make these Black Girls Work!

It only made sense to release this single first.  The reality of  the situation is black girls want a man to work but a good percentage of them are unemployed or underemployed. Yet, they want a man to marry them, cook, help them take care of the kids, and work overtime.

A friend of mine told me a story about woman he talked to on a  dating site. This unemployed girl asked him “if he works”. He said ” do you work”???????????? WTF is you asking me if I work and you do not work.  Man, I fell off the couch laughing so hard. I never thought about that. They want you to fit there “criteria”. Yet, none of them even fit the bill.  LOL

(Turning hat backwards). I had to fire the last 2 black girls I dated. I said “girlfriend” check this out I do not work for you. I work for myself you human sex toy. She was like “damn here you go calling me names, I think you are bipolar”. I responded, well you should be just happy to be near the Blog Black Trap God of this game. I do not sugar coat what I say anymore. I figure what for, I am 37 years old now.  If you’re say something that irks me, I will respond to you truthfully.

I looked at her in my passenger seat. If you wasn’t kind of good looking and had a nice body. I would have cut you loose earlier. She started to laugh but I was actually being serious. (Sigh).

Anyway, the point of this post is black women are in their own heads. I will beat this dead horse again concerning the out of wedlock rate. The out of wedlock rate is high in the black community because black women cannot keep their legs closed and are too lazy to understand the type of man they are dealing with. I have yet to meet a black woman that ever asked me deep questions.  Yet, they get mad when they get pumped and dumped. The sheer stupidity of the whole situation.  A man steal you’re panties and you realize it like 6 months later. LOL I tend to speak in metaphors.  Listen, you cannot force a man to marry you in the timetable that you want him to do it. ESPECIALLY, when you have tremendous baggage (lack of employment, too many kids, lazy, and etc). 

Now I cannot blame black women totally for the circumstances of  of the black community. Obviously, the pickings is slim among black men in their “opinion”.  So what do you got left in the black community. You got thugs and Alpha Males. It does not matter if the black man is a nerd or not. The bottom line is, if a black man is making money; whether a nerd or not; he is the person these women so desperately depend on.

Now do women try to get over on nerds or whatever. Those dynamics have changed tremendously. I remember my ex Monica said  ” You are no better or worse than a thug, you just got glasses on, I cannot believe this”.  I just sort of looked at her like black men are not all the same. There are hybrids of black men like myself. I consider myself a street guy in the Corporate World that finished college because I wanted to challenge myself. If I was in prison, I would be getting a degree as well.  College for me was just a place to meet girls and I happen to fall into my Sociology Degree. I wanted to meet the other side of society. I found college very liberal, very follower like.  Basically, it was very liberal, feminist, and sort of man hating like environment. 

Needless to say, I didn’t win many friends in college because I was my own man. I don’t need validation by other people for my point of view.  My point of view is going to be my point of view whether people disagree or not. Now back to nerds argument. Because the sellout black women are penis riding white nerds. The height of desperation but we will get into that later. LOL

Now that the “nerds” are pumping and dumping black women. That is the ultimate insult to them now. Now their angry and upset. I can understand that most of them are miserable. The problem with Christelyn and the rest of them. They thought they could solve the problem by distancing themselves from black men. They thought they could solve the problem running to a white simp. It was a good idea until they realize more and more men do not want to get married. LOL

The sad reality is most black women have kids by black men. They indirectly tied their feet to black men. It’s like watching a rat trying to escape a rat trap. They are practically chewing their leg off to escape. Yeah, you escaped but without a foot.

Black women control who gets them pregnant. Yet, they run around like they are the victim. Unless a man raped you, you could have told him to wear a condom or you could have used birth control. Na, you didn’t do that so everybody else has to bail you out of you’re bad decisions. When a black man makes a bad decision, we suck it up and take it.  Every mistake I made, I paid for it. Trust me, I didn’t act like the victim. Everything  I did in life, I was at least 30 percent guilty.

Now I hear the sellout black girls rambling about slavery, Steve Harvey, Richard Banks and etc. The bottom line you are responsible for the circumstances you are in. Nobody forced you have a baby with a man that gave you false promises and dreams. Now you have the audacity to dictate to men how a man should approach you to marry you. (Pointing to you).  Really??? That is like asking Ray Charles for driving directions. 

Some of these black women are so bitter and pathetic. They even refuse to work. They refuse to work period. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, holding down employment and etc. Yet, you want a man to marry you????????????????????????????????

Oh yeah, take care of a out of wedlock baby or babies.

I can see why chasing down a white simp that will fall for that is so appealing.  You can tell the white simp, yeah it was black men that made me a victim. He put his black penis in me because he wanted to trap me. The white simp is like “oh really” you must be Tyra Banks with lots of money. I can see why he tried to trap you??? He wanted all that sweet chocolate to see himself???

(Picking up my drink and looking at my I phone).

Oh sorry, I had to look at my phone before I started laughing. What does a black woman got that I would want to trap her for?????

In conclusion,

I find it ironic that these sellout black women say ‘they are the best women for white men”. Yet, they just did a post about how they have the highest divorce rate, highest std rate, and supposedly giving birth to children that are criminals and deviants.

Rainbeaus are getting the prize now????

GIRLFRIEND COUNT UP if you get a rainbeau simp!

I am out

God Forgives Black Men Don’t 2015 (The Prequel) Girlfriend If you ain’t talking about money, you and that rainbeau can link up! I am still having fun and getting paid! Keep hating on Black Men and you will get it anyday! Just call me ” King Tut” just got a New Truck!







(Picking up my drinking walking through the blog bar sitting and talking to a redbone.)

When all else fails guess who these women run too?

That’s why I never get upset or emotional over what black women say.  Its always something with them.  However  when the rainbeau feels like he can jump from behind their skirts. There might be a problem.  Other than that, I got my money and women. I am at the top, why look down!

Looking at Beyond Black and White.  Are they still talking about black men and got a rainbeau simp on youtube waiting for his penis to be sucked in 2015?  It’s really sad what some of these sellout black women have been relegated to doing for attention.  I doubt they got the memo nobody is checking for them. Plus stop talking about Richard Banks because you’re strategy is not working. It’s just making things worse you and you’re followers.

Black men continue to date outside of their race at a rapid rate. There is nothing you can do about that. That’s really what it all boils down too. A couple of rainbeau simps mouthing off does not make a difference to us.  Why would we fight for broke, obese, stingy, bad decision makers that blame black men for all their problems? Seriously that was played out about 10 years ago. The blog world has sure got tired of those circus tricks. This strategy is supposed to attract white men to black women. LOL This is very laughable and stupid.

First it was stopping out of wedlock “chiren”. Than it went into white men cleaning up the mess that they made. The white rainbeaus didn’t fall for the bait. Now they are trying to push a dumb simp to change that perception on youtube. LOL Give me a break, a giggling clown on youtube. LOL To make matters worse the sellout black girl puppies still dissed him. LOL Why don’t they marry their cats or themselves. Just please get it over with so we do not have to hear about black men all the time.

I decided to be the truth teller. Here is a comment from Beyond Black and “Whyte”.

Delta is an example of the how BM act when BW leave them behind.  They know that they will never BW back that have decided that they are not worthy of our attention.  Blackmen can not stay married to anyone and they are jealous of BW because when we marry WM we have longer marriages and fewer divorces

LOL Who says black men want to be married in the first place?  It’s you that wants to be married. Clearly, by the 80 percent of you that tried to force the issue with a trap a nigga baby. You haven’t learned you’re lesson?  So for the few white men that will marry a black woman god bless them. Explain to me why would we want to stop that?? There are many white men that will not marry black woman with kids by black men or numerous black men. Do you ever question those white men on their reluctance to do so? No, you will not do it. So stop blaming black men.

Girlfriend you know its true.  We will not even get in the high percentages of men not getting married period.  Here is the stats on this.

More Never-Married African-Americans Than Ever

All races seem to demonstrate a desire to get married roughly equally, says Wang, but the proportion of black Americans who never married is rising sharply. Among whites and Hispanics, the proportion of adults who never married is double what it was in 1960. Among blacks over 25, the figure has quadrupled (36 percent now v. 9 percent then).

A job. For women especially, this is really important—eight out of ten of them want their future husband to have a steady job, more than anything else. Men, on the other hand, seek a mate who has the same ideas when it comes to raising children.

This is the important stat. Women wanting a man with a good job. The sellout black women harp on the IBM (Ideal black man). I have stated this for years. It’s these men that make black women scream Hercules”. They accuse us of pumping and dumping them. Well white men are pumping and dumping them as well.

As one of the sellout black girls have said. Well Black men are pumping and dumping black women so what if the white man does it? Nobody in a sense cares until you keep bringing up black men.  It just makes you look pathetic. 

I doubt men say “man, my dick get hard every time you bring up black men every other day. Especially how you let black men pump and dump you’re dumbass.”.

In conclusion,

I figure these sellout black women bloggers and their followers will continue to swing off the dick of black men as long as they got a keyboard. 

Now me, I will be in the blog bar talking to a fine red bone black girl with a big ass.



The Last Black Male Blogger Standing(2015).. Introduction (The Monica Story) Black Feminist (Boston Mass Edition) Monica ” You are no better or worse than thug”??? UV College Rape Crisis Hoax vs Alpha Males.. Spoiler (Mr Karazin alleged Divorce from Mrs Christelyn Karazin)?



(Picking up my drink)

LOL, That vengeful drunk simp Mr Karazin.  If you are listening to this or reading this blog. I am the only person who knows which guy you’re wife is sleeping with while you take care of the kids like the simple simp you are.  But we will all play the game because I do not want people to blame me for you’re drunken rampage on Mrs Karazin. LOL

You’re favorite black man is back. I came back for my female fans. I know a lot of people were doing their thing. I know some of you were tired of the goofy sellout black women bloggers and even some male bloggers. Many of them lied to you about their lives and etc. 1 thing with me I don’t lie. I always been hmm 30 or 40 percent guilty in many of the rumors said about me. I have never been 100 percent not guilty. LOL It’s funny how things come circle. Leona or whatever her name is on Beyond Black and White essentially said she is tired of “FWB”. Sounds like prostitution to me. But, when the mighty white rainbeau says “FWB”, which is solicitation in so many words. All the sellout black women can do is “shuffle their feet” and sugar coat what Billy is doing by saying he is “not ready for a serious relationship”. Na, how about this, if a man says he wants “Friends with benefits” , he thinks you are a damn prostitute. You’re actions have shown this.

Anyway, moving on from that subject.


Sorry for the real long lay off. I went into a slump for awhile. I need motivation to write to be honest with you. Plus I been focusing on my career and other things. I just came back from my third Christmas party at my company. I actually took Monica (not PA girl). When I introduce new black women to the story line. It can be a bit confusing.

Let me back track than. PA girl has been with me off and on for 14 years. She was with me when I had my first girlfriend who’s daddy was a pastor in NJ. Basically she introduced me to the college life at Hofstra University in Long Island. We broke up because she went to DC to be with a drug dealer dude or however the story goes. I moved on and finished college at Old Westbury Long Island with a degree in Criminology and Sociology.

I moved on to Brooklyn Lawyer girl but she didn’t have any ambition working for 8 dollars an hour as a potential lawyer. I was running around with other women. I ran into PA girl in Bedstuy Brooklyn. That’s actually a funny story. My man showed me a picture of PA girl in Brooklyn. I was like who is this “redbone”? Usually I get what I want, so I drove over there to get her. Man it didn’t go well at first, her damn wig fell off in my car and all the stuff in her bag fell on my car floor. I was like “wtf”. She was acting goofy like Mrs Karazin around an Asian man and White man.

For some reason she stuck around. I was wild though, its amazing that she stuck around so long. The funny thing was I chasing intellectual black women, mainly middle class black women. Obviously, I wasn’t very successful because of my temper and lack of patience. I am still like that but a bit worse over the years. I call myself a corporate thug. Now let me get to Monica.

Actually my brother introduced me to her in Poinciana Kissimmee FL. She made a reference to some young girl about not giving up the pussy for free. I looked at my brother like ” who would do this”? I told my brother ” introduce me to this Monica person”. We met and it was “like at first sight”. I thought she was attractive, more of a Nia Long type. She is arguably the most attractive black woman I have been with in years.

That went really downhill after a couple of dates. Turns out she was a “cam ho”. Basically simp white guys watch her on cam put dildos and toys in her vagina on cam. Now you are going to say I look down upon the girl or something. Na, she is arguably 1 of the most intelligent black woman I have met in years. I just think she was a super feminist blaming men for her problems. Clearly, she didn’t like being a cam ho for perverts.

Obviously, I am very conservative in my views. It was only going to lead to an explosion. Of course it did, and we moved on from the relationship. You simply cannot tell Black Conan what to do. I think she wanted a white simp she can tell what to do. She just happened to run into the “right guy” to set her straight.

She said ” I was no better or worse than a thug”. I laughed at her like ” that is exactly what I am”. I ain’t get the top of this game for no reason. I have battled with the best and crushed all my enemies with the exception of PA girl. But she is on her way out the door come May. Right now I am focusing on my career. I am in my third year at this company.

Now this brings me to the story line of college campus rapes or the so called “alleged rapes”.

Sorority women at the University of Virginia were ordered to stay home on the biggest party night of the year to protect their “safety and well-being” — and they are furious about it.
Members of the National Panhellenic Conference told 16 UVA sorority chapters last week not to participate in Boys’ Bid Night fraternity parties on Saturday. The revelry has led to allegations of sexual assault and excessive drinking in the past. Women who break the prohibition may face sanctions.
“They are treating us like children and punishing us for being women,” said Whitney Rosser, a senior from Lynchburg, Virginia, and a member of Alpha Phi. “We’re angry because we are being told we are not allowed to go out instead of addressing the deeper issue of why sexual assault happens.”

HMM The older cupcakes are trying to tell the younger cucpakes what to do when it comes to their social lives and men. That never seems to work out in the end. This is no different than the older sellout black women telling younger sellout black women that dating a white guy will solve all of their problems. Usually, that never works out as well. The older cupcakes always seem to put the blame on the younger cupcakes. Thus the cycle of ignorance continues on.

What is funny is that they had all these myths and lies going around that men are gang raping women on college campus. You would literally think if a woman steps out of her dorm a rapist is ready to jump on her. HMM I have gone to college for quite a few years. I haven’t seen anything like the media is saying. I HAVE seen women intentionally getting drunk, intentionally throwing their ass at college athletes and fraternity brothers like it was no big deal. Now rape and regret is two different things here. Just because you let boys run a train on you and you regret it. That does not make it rape. That was a dumb ass decision in you’re life to participate in that situation.

It’s really sad that some women want to stick to feminism so much but slowly realize that they expect men to do what they say. Last time I checked, feminists believe they do not need a man for anything. For example Monica was such a black female feminist that I told her “guess what pay you’re own meal at dinner and you’re half of the tip”. She started hesitating and shuffling her feet. We got into another debate about single mothers and whether a man should date them.

Again, I asked her the question if 80 percent of black women are single mothers right, do you still think men are the only issue? 80 percent is awfully a high number. Monica again ” I need to google the stats”. I looked at my drink and said ” I hear you”.

See I don’t knock Monica. I am glad my brother introduced her to me (which wasn’t good for her, if she only knew who I was lol). I was highly entertained by her liberal studies. But I told a friend of mine. There is nothing worse than a person that think they know a lot but just knows a little bit of something. Monica has a good heart and could be a professor down the road but her mind if all over the place. She is one of those women that are angry at men but is unable to take personal responsibility for her own actions in life that led to her circumstances in life.

It’s far easier for her to blame men for all her problems. The Professor gave me a D because I am a black woman with strong opinions. I told her he gave you a D because you were all over the place on you’re term paper. You simply cannot tackle slavery, relationships, gender inequality all in 1 paper. LOL You have to narrow it down. That is the reality of the situation. Plus the professor is Hispanic. LOL

Interestingly Monica was adopted by a Jewish Family and when she became a teenager actively looked for the “worst black male” to be with so she could fit in. Thus the kids at an early age, black men that raped and abused her and etc. I kind of saw what I was getting into with her. I just do not have the patience and inclination to rebuild another black woman that has gone off the path in life. I am still trying to get out of the situation with PA girl which is increasingly harder and harder.

PA girl out of all of the women I have been with. I have to admire her for trying to hang onto me. PA girl contributed to the downfall of many women I could have been with including Monica. I cannot lie about that. Monica at the time seemed like the perfect match for me. We had a difference in opinion when it comes to politics and the gender topics. I just didn’t have the patience to mold her into something I needed her to be.

Plus I have my flaws. She saw the other side of me (the explosive temper and verbal abuse, its no secret what I am about). Thus the phrase you are “no better or worse than a thug” from Monica.

In conclusion,

After May I got a surprise for everyone. I will also try to continue to deliver more on my blog. I work damn near 60 hours a week at my job, I also got promoted so that means more work. Things are going good and will get better after I get rid of some bottom feeders in my way as well.

To be continued


New Long Awaited Album Exodus (Why Black men are leaving Black Women) The Gift and the Curse of Swirling with White Women…(Baby don’t get into you’re feelings about Ashley) New Single.. Wherever I go, my White Girl Go (Black Girls be Killing me) GRRRRRR



(Looking out the window)


Of course I had to release Where I go my White girl go. I really like Ashley. She ride for me whether I am right or wrong. We went to International Drive and almost got into it. Of course some hating ass niggas with their fat black girls. I am always ready for action. It does not matter to me. I always got my strap too. Ashley was like you want me to get the strap. I said na get in the car. I looked at her like ” damn baby I like you even more”. LOL

You’re favorite black man is back. Well, I was hanging out with Ashley last night.  She is a cool ass white girl.  The problem she does not know she is in love with a Rasta man like myself. Her son is half Jamaican. I think that made me look at her different. Contrary to my contemporaries I actually love my culture and heritage.  I am the original black man from West Africa. Jamaican culture is not based of racial strife and skin color. That is why I got mad at PA girl, who is biracial (Black American). She let her anger and bitterness cloud her judgement.  We had a debate on interracial dating. I told her look the problem with black women they think they are entitled and just feel they should tell a man what to do. They are stubborn to a fault until that man leaves her. Just a small list of their issues.  Figure out the rest.

You are talking a black man that has dated and spanked black women from damn near over 20 years now.  Now you are upset that I am thinking about dating a white girl seriously.  This is on the heels of PA girl saying she would never talk to me again over Ashley. I said look I am not friends with any of my ex black girlfriend and you can be on that no fly zone list too. She started to cry in her car about it.

Baby girl you are not that tough. It was only me that kept you going in life and you got the nerve to disrespect me. It’s not about me defending a white woman. It’s about you not doing the shit you were supposed to do in the relationship.  God Forgives but Black Men Don’t.

PA girl said to me you think you are so perfect. I am not perfect but when you got the power you call the shots in relationships.  There is no such thing as 50 50 in relationships. The dynamics are different in men and women relationships. You are either the leader or she is the leader. Women need to be careful what fight they want to take on. PA girl responds that  you’re mother is not going to like you being with a white girl.  PA girl is actually absolutely right.

It will be a bridge I will have cross when I get there. My grandmother is biracial and my mother is a redbone (thus the word redbone). Black people come in different shades. The whole racial construct was a European idea.  I never look at a person’s skin color in the terms of this person being automatically racist. Nor do I believe black people cannot e racist.  However, there is a double standard in life.

My mother would support PA girl more than Ashley the white girl. Despite the fact that PA girl cannot hold a job for a long time. She will support PA girl even when she always has her hand out. She will support PA girl for doing good things like losing all this weight. I will admit PA girl is looking more and more attractive. She is like a size 10 now.  Now that could be do to stress or whatever. But it looks good on her 40 years old.

Obviously PA girl looks better than Ashley at this point. I am not here to argue the point of who looks better. Ashley is attractive and can hold her own.  It would be hard to make a choice. I just go with what works for me. HMM,  I haven’t made a firm decision on whether to get back with PA girl or stay with Ashley. Ashley got age on her side as well. She is only 25 years old.  I am 36 years old in my prime right now. Again I have to see what happens.

Now back to the title at hand why black men are leaving black women. I read this article.

1. The Black Man Shortage (as I read on
42% of Black women are unmarried. 70% of professional Black women are single. The numbers don’t lie and there is a real gap between “datable” Black women and men. Even if there is some degree of inaccuracy in the numbers, if you just talk to Black women, many will agree that there are some challenges finding a “good black man, ” that is… one that is not behind bars, gay, or with other races. I’m also fully aware of this challenge due to the number of Black women who write me about it every week. So, the statistics do play a role in this challenge, but it does not tell the whole story. Please read on!

2. Too Many Black Women Have Bought Into the Stereotypes On Who They Are:
The perception that Black women are hard to get along with, mean, bitchy, argumentative, bitter, etc. has become a reality for too many black women. I know, because I used to be that way (and still have relapses on occasion but irrational behavior and constantly “going off” on people, especially your man, is not an attractive quality to have when trying to maintain a relationship with a man. I had to LEARN that just because I was running things at work, didn’t mean I was going to run things with my man. So, I had to “check my attitude” at the door when dealing with my black man. Maybe a man really needs to be the head of the household, and if you don’t trust that he can be, then leave him alone and move on. A wise man once told me that anything with two heads is a monster, so only 1 can be head of the household, and for me, I prefer it to be my man. Sistas, we know we have carried too much of the financial and emotional burden of raising our families alone, but we should use that to draw strength from and not allow that to make us emotionally weaker. I remember being in my 20s at a management consulting firm I worked for and this brother told me that I would definitely make Partner but no one would ever like me because I was so damn mean, and I actually was naïve enough to take that as a compliment; not realizing that my “meanness and bitchiness” had spilled over into my personal life and keeping me from attracting and keeping good men in my life.

3) Many Black Women Have Made a Conscious Decision To Be Single:
I know you’re saying yea right. But this is actually true. I know personally for me, I have been married before, but I prefer to be single, especially since I don’t want to have children. Personally, I am not looking to get married again, but I’m not opposed to the idea either. If I meet someone who makes me feel that being married to them is better than my freedom and the luxuries of my single life, then I would consider getting married again. The most important thing to me is to have quality, meaningful relationships with men with similar dreams, goals and interests in life. People fall in love and marry because it’s the tradition. Men and women have been getting married since before recorded history. Until recently, America was the most “married” nation in the world. But now many ask, “Do I have to be married to live happily ever after?” In today’s society, people have a strong desire to simply be happy, whether that means being married or unmarried. Being single is not synonymous with being “alone”. Many single people do have a meaningful love relationship in their life. Society makes people think that end goal of two people who love each other is a “traditional monogamous marriage” but I don’t believe everyone fits that model. Whoever said dating has to end in marriage? If marriages were so great, why do more than half of them end in divorce? So, there are really some women who are happy being single… Seriously!

4) Black Men Don’t See Many of the Qualities That They So Much Admire in Their Mothers and Grandmothers:
To say it’s just a shortage of black men is only a small part of the problem, but as Black women we have to re-evaluate who we are and who we’ve become today. Black men don’t see the strong, quiet strength of their mothers and grandmothers; neither the homemaking/cooking skills either. In my book Why I Love Men, I have a section called “Never Underestimate the Relationship Between a Man and His Mother” that discusses this further. A wise woman understands the precious bond between a man and his mother. You’re not going to change it nor would you want to. A mother is very proud of her son, especially if he’s a good man. His mother values him. His mom and grandmother has loved him unconditionally all his life, and well, you, not so long. If you want a smooth relationship with a Black man, be sure you understand WHY he loves his mom so much and it will help you build a stronger relationship with him. And, if you don’t know why he admires and loves his mom so much, ask him. In fact, a huge red flag for me is when a guy doesn’t have any relationship with his mother, and she is still living. Or if he speaks to his mother in a disrespectful or harsh manner, he will likely treat you the same way.

5) Black Women Have Spent Their Best Years Pursuing Their Education and Career Goals not Realizing that Their Strongest Assets (e.g., Looks, Fertility) Decrease With Age:
I know this may be unpopular, but it is the truth. A woman who wants to have a family should capitalize on her looks, age, and fertility while she is young instead of only focusing on chasing the high-powered career. I believe (and of course I could be wrong) that a man would more likely be with a young, fine woman that is less educated and makes him feel good (in terms of stroking his ego) then an average looking woman with a great career and education.) If marriage and having children is important to you, you may want to NOT focus as much time on pursuing your career goals, but spend more time pursuing and developing meaningful love relationships while you’re young, perky and fertile. If you want a husband and family, you have to pursue it with the same focus and attention you did to achieve your career goals, and by all means, don’t let you looks, fashion sense, and overall attractiveness go downhill. Note: In my book, Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating, I share insider secrets, practical advice and techniques that any woman can use to maximize her physical beauty without cosmetic surgery, because as shallow as it may sound, how physically attractive you are is very important to men, and should also be to you if you are seriously looking to attract and keep a man.

6) Black Men Struggle More Than Any Other Group of People in Society and in the Workplace:
You have to ask why are there so many black men in prison and under-educated? Why is the unemployment rate so high for black males? Why is the suicide rate so high for black males? Why are so many black men absent in their child’s life? Why are black males struggling more than other group of people? We have to better understand the struggles of Black men to really increase the number of “datable” black men…and I’m no expert on the answers to these questions and I know when I’m out of my lane, but there are others who have studied Black males and written on this topic and could surely provide some answers to these questions.

7) Black Women Haven’t Adjusted to the New Hypercompetitive Dating Environment That Exists Today:
Many of the traditional rules of courtship don’t exist, for better or for worse, Black women have to do things differently to attract and maintain a long-term relationship with a man. And, if you think about it, most of us have never been taught how to date to find a compatible partner. There was no college course for it. Yes, many women have received advice from family or friends. We may have taken advice from other single women. But most of us are winging it as we go. There are some women who are obviously better at it than others. In Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating, I’ve consolidated the best strategies that I have learned from friends, relatives and my own experiences and frankly some of the best practical advice that I have ever received and successfully applied to attract the type of men I wanted in my life and they did show up. These strategies have worked for others and they can work for you. You can’t continue doing the same thing and expect different results. It is time to change your approach to dating!


The problem with these lists is that women ask OTHER women about how to get a man. Well a quality man that is.It’s really not about lists or books or whatever.  The baggage a woman brings to a relationships is what seals their fate. If a man is willing to have sex with you. You are usually in the door. The PROBLEM is women fuck up the chemistry of the relationship. They try to make the man something he is not.

Some women are so stubborn and unable to change. They always say “accept me as I am”. The fact is the man does not have to accept you’re fucked up personality or you’re mouth.  The man has the option to leave you and stop fucking you. OR He can keeping fucking you and still drop you.  Now please excuse my harsh language. I just give you the hard truth here.

Now does the skin color of a man change those dynamics. No it does not, the underlying issue is you’re baggage. Changing men will not change you’re personality or mouth. Black men are just more vocal about their criticisms. A white guy may approach it differently. He maybe more diplomatic about it. The fact remains were you able to keep a white guy or black guy?

For all that talk about interracial dating. Are you better off from where you were at until now?  Do you have anybody? Now if you were able to swirl and be successful. It does not apply to you.

I am out.

New Album MGTOW Part 3..Guest Appearance My Homey “Light”. New Single K I S S.. ME (You make me feel) Come hold me, Come kiss me, Come love me (She just wants to make love) Swirling with White Girls (I thought I was in love black girls until me and a white girl did the nasty) OW SDTK Intro by Mrs Karazin

Daddy, am I going to see you’re new white girl Ashley?


(Lighting my cigar and leaning back in my chair)

You’re favorite black man is back.  I know this will offend my black female fans. But I did step out to check out the swirling. Than again, I got white females fans as well. So this is the first official album on White women. LOL

Actually this an edited post I wrote on  The post looks kind of fragments because I am talking to the brothers on the board over there.

Oh yea EX PA Girlfriend was hating. She was like “oh you crossing over”. I said child please “you are mixed”.  You just got the typical black girl tendencies like not tipping at dinner and having you’re hand out. She was like “um hmmm”.  Of course she on to talk about her hair. I said ” baby I got to go”.  Of course she lashed out like she always does ” Bye Boy”!

Let’s get to it……………………………………………………………………………………

What’s up Brothers

You’re brother Mr Laurelton Queens is back. Anyway, last night I went out with my first white girl in like 10 years. My homeboy light said let’s “give white women” a try. I was skeptical because he is dealing with this new white girl named Angela. I ain’t going to lie I was like “yo Angela kinda bad”. I need to get into the game. LOL So, I met Ashley in Deltona FL near Daytona. Oh why did I do that????

I pulled up and she runs out side and says ” You are fine ass fuck”. I said okay baby. We went into her house. I met her obese mother and white trash step daddy. First he thought I was a drug dealer. We are going downhill here. LOL I will admit this. I knew she had a kid. The mixed kid is sleeping on the couch not in a bed. That was a bit disturbing to me. My daughter sleeps in a bed. I let that go.

Now back to Ashley she is 5ft9 blonde, blue eyes. I am 5 ft 10. She is a pretty girl but I doubt she is 25, more like 21 or 20. I am 36 years old. Anyway, we started to talk. It went totally wrong. She said her baby father is free on house arrest for sex charge with kids. I was like you still talk to the guy. She was like yeah he is my baby father. I said okay maybe he is a young boy. She said no he is “43 years old”. I said this is a real bad fail here. Her sister is the worse, her baby father is in prison for robbery. The dumb ass robbed someone in their home. He is going to do 25 years flat. Her sister was like ” yeah I wrote him but he writes me short letters”. He is writing you short letters because he is doing life in prison. He got to spend time with his new boyfriend dumb ass. LOL

The step daddy meanwhile lashes out at her obese mother. I kind of felt bad for him. I think he drinks so much because he cannot survive without the disability money of her mother. Her mother kept asking me about my job at the cable company and how its expensive now. I said ” Yeah I know, we are working on that in the last meeting ma’am”.

The sister of Ashely is busy calling her friends spic and n**ga. I felt bad for the Spanish kid. I felt like telling him arguing with white trash is like spud webb trying to post up Michael Jordan. You are not going to win that match up. You may be able to dunk the ball but you ain’t winning a championship.

Lastly, I took Ashley in my car to McDonald. She was like “very nice car”. I walked up in there with her. Of course, you got to love the black girls hating. I told Ashley I rather sell drugs than work in here. (For real). She started to laugh. I don’t even eat McDonalds but I was trying to leave that trashy house she lives in.

Before I left she felt up on me and grabbed my penis. I was like yeah baby I got to go.

My man calls me and I tell him “thanks for forcing me to date this tacky white girl”. He said “no problem my brother”. By the way, I am dodging Angela right now. She won’t leave the condo man. I said “how long this been going on”? Well for hours now, I am over at the club house hoping she leaves. I said ” Are you not a former Corrections Officer from NYC, throw her out”. He said ” Na Drew Angela too strong, believe me brother I tried”.

Classic “believe me brother I tried”.

Now the question is I am going to write off white women because of 1 bad experience. Na, I will absolutely not. LOL 

(Dancing like Styles P).

Mr Laurelton Queens.

The Fall of Beyond Black and White and Christelyn Karazin (What goes around, comes around)The Big Pay Back……..Laugh Now Cry Later (You thought you could diss Black Men and get away with it) The Streak Continues RIP to No Wedding No Womb/You were good baby but not good enough!

(Picking up my drink)

(Cutting neck gesture, its over) The streak continues for Mr Laurelton Queens. Looking down on Christelyn Karazin. Closing the coffin over Mrs Karazin. Such a pretty woman, damn shame she went up against the Grim Reaper of the blog game. All Black women bloggers have come and fallen.

(Sitting on my throne, overlooking my loyal black women subjects). My daughter was looking at me like “what’s so funny daddy”? Christelyn killed herself baby. My daughter said “oh no not Chrissylyn. Yeah baby, now come to daddy. Putting my cigar back in my mouth.

(Mocking Christelyn) Crying, I love you all, I appreciate all. Thank you, Thank you.


ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???????????????????????

Listen man, I have been blogging for years. For the record, I do not think Mrs Karazin hates black men. I am probably her harshest critic for YEARS. However, if I had to do it all over again she did try to help me. She resurrected my career years ago. I do appreciate her for doing that. At that period of time I was really dead in the water. My father likes Mrs Karazin. I kind of was like “whatever”. I said Pop the woman a nut case. My father said that girl got talent Andrew. I brushed him off but in the end he was so right.

People have to understand in the blog world, its WAY different than the real world. Just over the years, things have splintered between black men bloggers and black women bloggers. What you really had was 1 strong voice and that was Evia and the rest. If you want to keep it real, Christelyn Karazin brought the blog game to the next level. You really have to respect that.

Yeah sure there was missteps along the way. I don’t think Mrs Karazin is out and about as she should be to see the other side of black women. The deal breaker was really the indirect insults to struggling black women or black women in the struggling class or even the middle class (which is clearly shrinking).

Obviously, you flaunting you’re lifestyle to black women that feel they cannot achieve the lifestyle you have will be a problem. That is what I was trying to explain to Mrs Karazin. Mrs Karazin just felt she does not need to listen to me. I am crazy and off the wall. Actually I am very sane. It was me that got you the glory. Not just me, some other people influenced her. But she never wants to give credit where its due.

Like I said before, you can run from life but you can’t run from death. Her ego and arrogance shut her page down not militant black people. Why wasn’t lipstick alley shut down? Why wasn’t other black women that wrote the same content shut down?

You were shut down because people do not like you. It’s really that simple. Intelligent black people that think out of the box will always be silenced. Shit I was silenced but you see Talent will always shine no matter what.

Now back to the post. Well back to kicking Christelyn while she is down. LOL Hey what can you do, why step out of character.

Man that Christelyn deserves an Oscar. Nominate her for best actress in a sellout black girl series. I have been blogging for years, I have never in my life seen a meltdown like this.

Let me tell you something, this coward Christelyn Karazin got my blog shut down or contributed to a fake page slandering me. It was wrong and she knows it. She never cried over that, she actually danced over my grave.  Now her precious page gets shut down.  Because supposed militant black people did this to her. You are a fraud that is why you got shut down.  It will get shut down again.  It will CONTINUE to get shut down. Because you’re simple ass does not get it.

Just go rebuild you’re pathetic Facebook page.  The sense of entitlement of this woman is amazing. Somebody does not agree with you’re ass, you want to blame black people for it.  You scumbag,  you live you’re life through a computer not in the real world.  You never said anything bad about rainbeau men.

You took every opportunity to bash black male bloggers.  You did everything behind the scenes to bring down black men. When its done to you, you want to cry about it. You need to stop crying over stupid decisions. Now you went back to dick riding Asian men. What’s next, you got tired of white men, now you are dick riding Asian men. LOL Asian men now, please give me a break. You sound desperate and sad. You are a 1 trick pony. First white women and black men are conspiring against sellout black women. European white men are BETTER than White American men. They were all over the place. It almost felt like a child that whines when they do not get their way. (Crying boo hoo the rainbeau will not give me money to sit on my ass and bash black men).

All that shit she was talking when she got my blog shut down. She never cried for that. Yet, when she was supposedly spoke “critical” of black men. People said her days were numbered. You’re days were numbered from the beginning. You had a white supremacist on you’re site. You was wrong on the black girl that was called a prostitute. You recklessly assigned blame to the police and all they wanted was her id. The rainbeau looked dirty and filthy and you bashed him because he wouldn’t defend her lunacy.

This is really comical, the poor girl Mrs Karazin got the knife to her wrists because she cannot control black men. Yo this woman needs counseling for issues with her black baby daddy. Who the hell cries over a fan page? If I was her white husband, I would say get a damn life, go feed the kids or take them to the park please. Just shut the pc down and go see a counselor.

She went from crying to saying is Asian men are a viable option for black women. WHAT????????????????????????????????????????????

Please stop humiliating black women already. Asian men tend to stick to their own racial group 99 percent of the time. I mean when will the madness end. There will come a time when all races of men will look at black women like they are goofy and desperate.

(Face palm)

( New Album) Remember my Name……. You got my permission to see Rainbeaus (Now stop the crying and complaining) You don’t love Rainbeaus, you just love those pennies. (I know you broke and you’re pockets are Joke, Naah) Why are Sellout Black Women are leaning and slipping. (I will turn up if you ain’t got it all) YESSS (Bonus) NYT Marriage Article.


(Jumping out of my chair dancing) Update



Update 10/1/2014

(Sigh) Remember my Name Album is some of my best work.  I predicted this years ago on my blog. The economic situation is contributing to the decline of marriage.  I already know it was bad for black women. There are only  50 black men for 100 black women.  I always knew they would start lashing out successful black men or “good black men”.  The bitchassness never stops.  It’s like they constantly wear their cheap high heels backwards all the time. What they do expect successful black men to do? Just tap out and say “okay baby, I see the errors of my ways”.  All they are doing is making it harder on themselves.  Black men are not running from the beef, they are the ones running to the rainbeau and standing in line.  It’s so bad that all they can do is whine and complain about black men while standing in line for a white man. LOL 

Who the fucks does that? LOL  Man they know what time it is.  I want them to jump out of the window on us.  They will never do it to rainbeaus they know better. Once the rainbeau cracks the whip on them.  They will start complaining about them too.

Picking my drink up and leaving.


Christelyn and friends on a constant penis riding machine to get attention from black men. Now they are saying “you don’t need permission to date a rainbeau”. When the hell black men even cared before? I am trying to figure this out.  You are the ones that had the out of wedlock children epidemic. Now you want the rainbeau to clean up the mess. Now the “hood dudes” are corrupting the womb”. Who slept with the hood dues in the first place?

Uh you did stupid.  I guess everybody needs someone to blame when their life is not going well.  Let’s see, blame black men playbook. Let me go try that again. If you cry and scream loud enough maybe someone will pick up my desperate miserable ass. I will even back up my facts for these losers.

In 2012, a record one-in-five Americans 25 or older had never been married, the Pew Research Center reported today.* This wasn’t surprising, as matrimony has been on a decline for decades now. However, Pew did offer an extremely elegant, two-part illustration of the role economics have played in that process.

Part I: What are America’s young, unmarried women looking for in a mate? A steady job.

A dearth of eligible bachelors isn’t the only reason marriage has been on the wane. Young people are getting married later in part because they spend more time in school. Back in the day, couples got hitched, then got settled financially; today, they prefer to get their finances in line first. Oh, and then there’s birth control, changing social mores about sex out of marriage, etc.

But economics are an obvious and unavoidable dimension of the issue. That’s why it’s far-fetched to think we can revive the institution of marriage in a meaningful way without addressing the underlying forces that have left young men in such shabby financial shape.  

I assume the situation is worse for black women. If other races of women are having trouble getting married. It seems they are all in a pinch now. This is what happens when you over play you’re hand and try to shame men into marrying you. Na baby it’s not going to work.  I actually do not even fall in the category of this article.  I have a  really good career.  Successful men call the shots period.  So go cry to the referee on every play you want. My blog is unique in the sense I just tell you the truth out there.  People hate me for it, which is cool.

I tend to focus my blog on the dire situation of black women.  Nobody researches it like I do.  See black women have a tendency to live in their own world. Unfortunately by the time they wake up. The well is dry and they got their  hand out for men to give them something.  They are dinosaurs in the dating game. They always think their panties and bra will get them a man.  They come to a date with sad stories and a litany of kids they expect you to take care of.

Now the rainbeau is suppose to pick up the slack or he ain’t a man now. Child please, that weak game is not even working on rainbeaus.  The only bargaining chip you got is sex. You are slowly losing the grip on that as well.  Black women got this idea that bullying men is the way to go. Those days are over with.  If something hasn’t been working for  you for years now, why would you continue to do it?

Me personally, I just watch the train wreck happen and keep it moving.  This is what happens when you always want men to do shit for you all the time.  They will tell you to kick rocks eventually. Essentially what the article is saying men are telling you to kick rocks.  Not totally kick rocks, because men need sex. Unfortunately, there are so many bottom feeder women giving up the womb. How can you dictate anything to men anymore????????????????????? LOL Keep trying though.

I remember my ex said , she needed money for gas. I said, you better get on that  Obama gas for ass program. She said you are black mailing me???  Man stop it, cats been black mailing you since you was a teenager for having you’re hand out. You ungrateful begging mutt.

LOL  Well, get used to it. I am actually being nice to you. Considering every man is going to start doing this, if they haven’t already done it to you. Baby crime don’t pay, you better get up and be somebody.

MGTOW movement is growing and saying No to single mothers movement is growing. LOL There is nothing they can do about that.

(Putting my hands to face nahhh) LOL  Please don’t come if you don’t got it all.   (Putting my cigar down and leaving)


I unveiled Mrs Laurelton Queens in the background. Putting my sprite down mixed with codeine down. LOL Man I broke my foot don’t ask about it, I need my drink. Now the origin of the picture. Mrs Laurelton Queens had to get a procedure done on her heart at FL Hopsital. I told the doctor give her dilaudid. She said “WHAT”??? I took the picture on my I phone. History was made after that. LOL She said I am trying to turn into her a drug addict. LOL She made that typical biracial black girl face when I told the doctor that. Actually she made that Mrs Karazin face when she lies about hating black men. Such a cute face. LOL

Na baby, it takes skills to stay at the top of the blog game for years now. I haven’t changed much in the last 10 years. I love sex, money, black girls and fast cars. Mrs Laurelton Queens says this to me, ” I love you but you’re crazy”. Man, wait until I become rich. They will say “the shouldn’t have gave this damn nigga any money! LOL I am halfway there now in my head all the time. I got the crib, new car (getting another truck Jan) and I still got a good job. I just have to start my own tech company right now. The experience I am getting at my present company on how to run a business and handle customers is golden. I am one of the top 50 people at my company.

Yeah these stupid sellout black women put their money on the wrong horse. They will pay for their disloyalty to black men. When their pockets are a joke, guess who they run too. Its unfortunate that black women do not have more faith in black men. I cannot control that. I can only control my success. I see that the rainbeau foundation is crumbling on their side of their fence. Now the Rainbeau is embarrassed on television because his girl is a ho. To make matters worse, she didn’t want to pull her id out, but she was sure quick to put her mouth on his penis in public. I figure she will be dumped soon for being a diva as soon as the rainbeau getting gets tired of the black pussy and head. The ultimate fail in history.

Lightning my cigar and looking at my I Phone 5 getting ready to leave. I am going to see this new thick black girl. I ain’t married to any womb, I do what I want to do. LOL

By the way, touching on the Diva in California from the movie unchained (well she was in chains).

If I was her daddy on the phone. I would have said go get that money from the rainbeau. You sucked him off and all you got was shiny handcuffs on you’re wrists.. You are hustling backwards girlfriend. That goofy rainbeau should have took you to a hotel room, maybe you would have got more money out of him.

(Laughing, point my sprite bottle at Christelyn Karazin). She was like ” These negros will use this to beat me over the head”. You are damn right. LOL That old man Savage Tango will never be me. Please keep trying Mrs Karazin. I am out now.


OFF Album (Benefits)….(Capo Returns) Corporate Black Thugs Edition Part 2. Most of you Black Women are slow, you got to catch up, if you was Business Savvy you would have stepped up. Man, you move like a Ho, I just don’t understand it, until you are on No Wedding No Womb crying on camera!

(Leaning back in my chair)

Oh boy, the little boy got more sense than the god damn mother.

Soundtrack courtesy of Kam (West Coast Legend). I have been saying that to black women for years. ” Na that ain’t the question, the question is what’s in it for me”? 8 out of 10 black woman responses were their panties coming down. That is why many of these black women either love me or hate for being brutally honest. God bless the ONLY 2 black women that had some integrity and never fell for that game. Unfortunately, many of them do fall for it. There was a time that black women did have integrity and a backbone. Now the financial pressures of life have made many of them fold up. As a sociologist, its hard to say what caused the whole thing. Maybe the downfall of the black family. I lean towards it being a whole bunch of issues that caused this. Legacy of slavery, institutionalized racism, incarceration, disease and lack of role models. In my case, I was always a leader. That was the personality I was born with. Some say I am crazy. When you are a follower like most people are. Of course, a leader is going to intimidate you. My peers think like me, that is why they are my peers. I wish there were more black men that were generals instead of followers. If Black men put more passion into education instead of music, we would be better off. Of course there are exceptional black musicians. However, not every black person can be an entertainer, athlete and etc.

That is why I approach blogging from a competitive standpoint. My style of writing is unique. That is why I hardly read other bloggers because I never want their style to rub off on me. I want to think about a subject and write down what comes to my head. The music just reflects my mood when I am writing. That is why the music is so important to my style of writing. Plus it gives me great titles for my posts. LOL Anyway……………..

Man so much things are going on. I was kind of reluctant to comment on so many things on just 1 post. Let me comment on the Michael Brown tragedy. First off, I got a young brother, he is actually schizophrenic. Obviously police has been quite a few times to my father’s house. Maybe 5 out of 10 times, it almost got crazy. More on my part of it because they shouldn’t be in my house without a search warrant. If you go for your gun, I will go for mine. They better have a search warrant when they come to the house. Usually, cooler heads prevail because I just generally do not care at all. I feel like if I didn’t step in to defend my brother they would have shot my brother down like Michael Brown in the street. Yeah my initial reaction is to burn that town down. I still sort of feel that way. I am fine with the looting actually. Nobody respects black people until they go to the wall. Power is never given, you have to take it in some form or fashion.

I think some of the chicken george Negros on the street make me sick. They always make it look like black people do not have a right to be upset if a mutherfucker shoots someone because they were scared the black guy was too big. Oh he was 6ft4, and a black ass nigga too. Man I was scared to death. Well, I had to shoot. I was afraid. Why don’t you join the Fire Department than? I doubt you will find very complacent Negros in a rough and tumble environment they call the black community. Especially when the unemployment rate for black men is sky high. For the record I read the reports on the case.

Apparently, he told the kids to get out of the street and they didn’t listen to him. That was the grounds for the shooting because they got mad he said get out of the street and they tried to take his gun away. Hmm very interesting story. It sounds like bullshit to me. Everybody knows its bullshit. That is why I never really read the news. Half of what you read is bullshit.

The real story is the turning point that black men are taking. You can only slight or disrespect a large segment of men for so long. That anger will eventually boil over and burn you. You can go down the list, Eric Garner, Diallo, and etc. There always seems to be some reverend or some wannabe black cop apologizing for no reason. Everybody does the apologizing except the coward that commits the crime.

A good friend of mine said you can see why people act like that. They are afraid of us. I shrugged my shoulders like “its not my job to make people feel comfortable around black people”. Listen I am afraid of pit bulls, do I say kill all pit bulls? Do I tell the pit bull hey if you smile more than every thing would be okay. Well, I am not that guy. My demeanor does not change. The only thing I did CHANGE was educating myself and using that anger for motivation to be successful. I didn’t need a reverend of a wannabe cop telling me how to live my life. I learned life by trial and error.

Nothing was ever handed to me, I worked hard to be successful. I worked hard to get all my degrees. I even work hard in relationships. The problem is when people are not as ambitious as you are. You become the pain in their side. You are the reason that they never amounted to anything. You are the reason they had an out of wedlock child and must subject themselves to non black men like a prostitute. But these are the same people that relish in the fact they appear desperate. Who would want a black woman that is painfully desperate like that? To make matters worse, actually speaking for non black men or RATHER making excuses as to why they do not want you. That is really pathetic.

You know 1 thing with me, I always had pride and respect. A man told me a long time ago, respect is more important than money. Sellout black women fail to realize this concept. They think their desperation makes them attractive to rainbeaus. They think changing the way they speak, or their appearance to appease a non black man is the way to go. In general, they can never be themselves.

Now they resort to “shaming” non black men now. Obviously that tactic is failing too. You got a guy names TangoSavage or whatever his name is on that Beyond Black and White blog that misrepresents himself as a wannabe black man. He is some sort of “super simp”. He likes alcohol and nasty cigars. LOL Everything he does is the persona of me. It is such an interesting dynamic that you would have to laugh. You might as well ask me to be on the stupid blog. Just be like Yo Drew can you contribute please.

Maybe I got a fake leather jacket in the closet somewhere. It just does not surprise me at this point. Its a result of sellout black women having the inability to pull a decent white guy period. I remember one of the sellout black women puppies whined and said ” Man Christelyn picks the worse white men”. LOL

That might be the understatement of the year. However, I do not blame Christelyn. I blame the desperation in black women for this happening. You might even go on to say black men have forced them into this box. Now they have to shuck and jive for the Savage Tangos of the world. They never really improved at all. You basically went from 1 allegedly DBR Black men to a DBR White men. I think the black woman might be hopeless at this point.

The only difference between a DBR white man is the fact that he is a simp and will bitch up when a black woman “checks him”. As one of these tired ass black woman said to him. I kind of felt sorry for the chump, he bitched up so quick. I had to look twice.

I am out

(New Shit) God Forgives, Black Men Don’t (The Aftermath )……. Go to sleep Bitch, times up, close you’re eyes, why is you’re old ass still blogging, why, why, why !( The Rise of Black Male Aristocracy) Bonus ” Why I am somebody you should know Part 2″.

Popular view: The feeling that feminism contradicts the traditions of a family is a commonly occurring thread for the Women Against Feminism



(Looking out the window)

Man most of these black chick bloggers, should retire man. I don’t see us coming to terms. They are trying to come off black men. See, I am not allow that. You best believe me, the war will continue on. Age is not on their side at all. I doubt a 50 year old black woman blogger will change anything. If anything, things will get worse. My words got more influence than they think. In a society of fatherless of children. Guess what I am there BLACK ROLE MODEL.

By the way I was raised with a father. Actually my parents continue to be married. (Lighting my cigar). Eventually all black women bloggers run out of bullets. They all fold up when the financial pressure is on them. That is why they are currently in the difficult position they are in now.

Sorry for the lay off, I only write when there is motivation to do it. Much of my philosophy is based of my dating life with black women. My style of writing never changes. Some bloggers compromise who they are for readers. Even Tommy does that, granted he has added pressure because his blog is his full time job. I work 2 jobs and only write part time.

However, I didn’t get this far without people actually reading some of my work. I always appreciate that. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t go to college and achieved my education. It’s more of a gift and curse all at once. It’s hard being the bad guy considering this hand out culture in the black community is mainly affecting black women.

The fact they can sit there and act entitled and spoiled is sad. But I really do not blame them. I blame the men that have gassed them up to the point that they live in their own head now. You can literally write something and actually believe its true. It’s rather disturbing how blogs have changed. Now you can say a white man wants to marry you and actually believe that. Basically you are speaking for white men.

Some men may not want to get married at all. Now what is the plan b for sellout black women. To keep dick riding and sucking until you find that white simp to marry you. That has always been their only option in life. It’s just the harsh truth. Now I do give them credit for being able to “get out of their own head” and realize white men will not take on a black woman with several kids. Well, maybe half of them understand that. The white man will not “clean up the mess”. LOL Or its not “fair to him”.

The last straw for me concerning black women. They are ungrateful for what men have done for them. You never brought nothing to the table but you’re breasts and ass. Now when you get kicked to the curb, you starting crying and shit. You starting saying ” black men are wicked”.

Actually black men are actually kind. Not many men will take on a bunch of women with kids by different men. Not many men would take on an obese black women or dark skin woman. Speaking of dark skin black women. I don’t see the difference if white men has a fetish for black women. Just because he is white he cannot dislike dark skin women.

Just because he is white he will empty his pocket and be a willingly simp. Life just does not work that way. When you’re ass is against the wall and you’re own race of men turn on you. What makes you think the rainbeau will not be aware of that?

This is what I call living in “you’re own head”. Now if the white man bailout was working, why are black women not married to these white men that they dick ride? The statistics have not changed concerning marriage. They are still not responding to sellout black women. Even a sellout black woman admitted that. She blames EVERYONE but herself for bad relationships.

They blame ethnic men now. Men that are “other than white”. They blame their parents for not wanting the black pussy. I mean, when will this end at some point. It’s almost like they want the man to fall into their lap. Yeah be a simp, listen to everything I say, now touch you’re ankles. That is how these black women talk to men.

Well its a new time now. I always reach the financial reports all the time. Actually here the link… I will explain why this report is very important.

Why 12.7 Million Americans Dropped Out Of The Workforce

Despite the unemployment rate plummeting, more than 92 million Americans remain out of the labor force.
The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent in April from 6.7 percent in March, the lowest it has been since September 2008 when it was 6.1 percent. The sharp drop, though, occurred because the number of people working or seeking work fell. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count people not looking for a job as unemployed.

Now that does not bode well for dating at all. That means an increase of bottom feeder women asking for hand outs. In particular its more acute in minority neighborhoods. So all the simps they put up to defend their points will fall under our banner. The alpha males know what is going on. They have know this for awhile.

Me personally, I already fired the bottom feeder black woman out of my life. It wasn’t easy but it had to be done. Even some middle class black women with kids got cut loose. That is the way life goes. Once they are done with their tantrums, and name calling. I just step over them.

I am out.

Off Hand Out Nation, The Fall and Rise of the Successful Black Man (Preview to Animal Ambition) Newsone “Black Men do owe more to Black Women causes” The only thing worse than Sellout Black Blogger coward, its a Black Blogger with so called “power”….Earned my spot ain’t nobody put me here!



(Looking out the window)

I read the newsone article. This sums up the hand out nation in the black community. Here is the article.


Regardless of how one feels about the stance For Harriet founderKimberly Foster (pictured below) takes in her essay, “Why I Will Not March For Eric Garner (pictured far right),” it’s more than evident it comes from a place of frustration. And to be fair to her and those who share her point of view, when it comes to Black men championing issues important to Black women the way Black women rally behind those championed by Black men, there is a huge discrepancy. So while I don’t agree with Kimberly Foster’s response to that dilemma, I nonetheless can understand why she would reach such a conclusion.

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She is right when she notes:

While the effectiveness of social media in spreading Garner’s story heartens me. I could not refrain from comparing the empathy shown him, particularly byme!redBlack men, to that which is heartbreakingly absent when Black women attempt to discuss the everyday terrors we experience both in the world and at their hands.

Likewise, she is equally correct in asserting:

Too many fail to recognize that the violence, psychological verbal and physical, that we direct toward each other in communal spaces reflects the violence enacted upon our bodies and minds by larger dominating structures; thus there’s an inability by many Black men to acknowledge that Black women, too, have a right to move through the world without fear–that a woman should not have to avert her eyes and quicken her pace when she encounters men in public spaces.

Some have objected to the comparison between street harassment and Eric Garner dying at the hands of an NYPD officer. Yet, false equivalence or not, far too often do Black men brush aside Black women’s concerns about merely wanting to walk down the street in peace. Independent of men’s antagonistic behavior — mostly fueled by the presumption that a woman’s body is fair game to ostracize. Such is a sexist stance articulated every single day on social media, heard in any barbershop, and experienced in real time on the street any given day of the week.

You think Ms. Foster is hyperbolic in her comparison? Okay. Removing that from the equation, is she no less accurate that many Black men simply don’t check their brothers the way we’re all collectively supposed to check White people when a Black man is harmed by one of their own?

Again, I don’t agree with Foster’s solution. Frankly, I wished she hadn’t used Garner’s death to make this argument given she already did so beautifully back in 2012. But what’s done is done, and though everyone has their opinion about her remarks, it is an opportunity for dialogue. By dialogue, I don’t mind the sort of ad hominem, tit for tat that often plagues the comments section on every website ever. Dialogue as in listening, trying to understand where a person’s viewpoint stems from even if you find it problematic.

When someone speaks of hurt to the point that they have to completely pull away, ideally, it ought to be a rallying cry. As in, how did Kimberly Foster get to this point? How does one bring the Kimberly Fosters of the world back into the fold? The answer is simple as she’s already outlined: reciprocity.

There are many Black men who have lent their voices to causes specifically affecting Black women – self-included – but as a collective, we have much work to do. We ought to rally behindRenisha McBride as much as we do Travyon Martin. Her name should be as common as Martin’s, but it is not and it doesn’t require much thought to figure out why. Moreover, what has been done and what continues to be done to Marissa Alexander warrants widespread outrage.

Black men’s actions may have caused Kimberly Foster to limit her support, but a change in behavior prevents that from happening again — and it may even win her back. We all have to do better by each other. No matter how that sentiment is articulated, it will still ring true.


See her argument is stupid for several reasons. That is to assume black men are obligated to police every black man that you fuck with.  The white community does not make white men obligated to police their own white men. Johnny is not saying “hey man stop molesting those kids”.  ESPECIALLY, if black women are choosing thugs and criminals to be there baby father.

There is some false stats going out there that out of wedlock children are coming from black divorces. (Let’s say this is true).  Who initiates the divorce? The black woman does that. Let’s say, the black men are to blame. How do you explain black women having 3 different baby fathers for their kids. I assume they divorced all those men as well?

Many of these sellout black women bloggers are extremely stupid people. They may be book smart but lack common sense.  Just like the idiotic movement of No Wedding No Womb.  The alleged black man “caste off”, said  yeah the 80 percent out of wedlock children rate is a problem. (sucking her teeth)  The problem is, its you’re dumb ass that made it the problem. Nobody told you to spread you’re legs before you married. To make matters worse you’re dumb ass said ” Oh I do not think abstinence is going to work with the white simp, he got to have the pussy”. LOL That stupid Christelyn Karazin never mentions abstinence as an option for black women BEFORE they get married. For fear the white man will run off.  Classic bottom feeder.

If you were not a pathetic woman that out of wedlock situation wouldn’t have happened to you. But since the issue is here now. Now you want white men to bail  out  ALL black single mothers now, because you got lucky. The solution is the white man MUST take care of you and the out of wedlock children. If he does not do that, well he ain’t a man than.  Well you changed you’re tune all of a sudden. Now it’s “not impossible” to find a white simp, you might be able to find a “white simp” somewhere. Just look really, really hard. Yeah Tameka a white simp will take you on and you’re kids by a black man.

This really sums up the argument at the end of the day.  Even if you was to institute a dumb ass doctrine of No Wedding No Womb, are you going to force white men to marry you now because black men “will not marry you”?  Are you going to say white men were always the “first option”, when you said yourself you waited for the ideal black man to come along.  This is everything you have said.  The only thing you got in common is the rainbeaus that never could find the right woman in their own race. They know its true.

They know its true because they never support the black women that suck them off on those interracial blogs. You will have like 3 old white guys looking for attention because their white wife died or something.  This is really sad and pathetic. The worse part about these black female bloggers is the impression they give other black women that the white knight is going to buy them a house and car. He will never yell at you, he will not demand sex for being the simp that he is.  She can play peek a boo with the pussy. Sweat heart life does not work that way. There is nothing in this life free.  You can preach that misogynistic cry baby talk all day. All  men are misogynistic. Some of  them are mild about it and some are hardcore.  If that wasn’t the case “Big Boned Brenda” wouldn’t be married to a disabled fat ass white man” while looking at black males on dating sites.

Listen man I am out.