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(Looking out the window)

Man most of these black chick bloggers, should retire man. I don’t see us coming to terms. They are trying to come off black men. See, I am not allow that. You best believe me, the war will continue on. Age is not on their side at all. I doubt a 50 year old black woman blogger will change anything. If anything, things will get worse. My words got more influence than they think. In a society of fatherless of children. Guess what I am there BLACK ROLE MODEL.

By the way I was raised with a father. Actually my parents continue to be married. (Lighting my cigar). Eventually all black women bloggers run out of bullets. They all fold up when the financial pressure is on them. That is why they are currently in the difficult position they are in now.

Sorry for the lay off, I only write when there is motivation to do it. Much of my philosophy is based of my dating life with black women. My style of writing never changes. Some bloggers compromise who they are for readers. Even Tommy does that, granted he has added pressure because his blog is his full time job. I work 2 jobs and only write part time.

However, I didn’t get this far without people actually reading some of my work. I always appreciate that. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t go to college and achieved my education. It’s more of a gift and curse all at once. It’s hard being the bad guy considering this hand out culture in the black community is mainly affecting black women.

The fact they can sit there and act entitled and spoiled is sad. But I really do not blame them. I blame the men that have gassed them up to the point that they live in their own head now. You can literally write something and actually believe its true. It’s rather disturbing how blogs have changed. Now you can say a white man wants to marry you and actually believe that. Basically you are speaking for white men.

Some men may not want to get married at all. Now what is the plan b for sellout black women. To keep dick riding and sucking until you find that white simp to marry you. That has always been their only option in life. It’s just the harsh truth. Now I do give them credit for being able to “get out of their own head” and realize white men will not take on a black woman with several kids. Well, maybe half of them understand that. The white man will not “clean up the mess”. LOL Or its not “fair to him”.

The last straw for me concerning black women. They are ungrateful for what men have done for them. You never brought nothing to the table but you’re breasts and ass. Now when you get kicked to the curb, you starting crying and shit. You starting saying ” black men are wicked”.

Actually black men are actually kind. Not many men will take on a bunch of women with kids by different men. Not many men would take on an obese black women or dark skin woman. Speaking of dark skin black women. I don’t see the difference if white men has a fetish for black women. Just because he is white he cannot dislike dark skin women.

Just because he is white he will empty his pocket and be a willingly simp. Life just does not work that way. When you’re ass is against the wall and you’re own race of men turn on you. What makes you think the rainbeau will not be aware of that?

This is what I call living in “you’re own head”. Now if the white man bailout was working, why are black women not married to these white men that they dick ride? The statistics have not changed concerning marriage. They are still not responding to sellout black women. Even a sellout black woman admitted that. She blames EVERYONE but herself for bad relationships.

They blame ethnic men now. Men that are “other than white”. They blame their parents for not wanting the black pussy. I mean, when will this end at some point. It’s almost like they want the man to fall into their lap. Yeah be a simp, listen to everything I say, now touch you’re ankles. That is how these black women talk to men.

Well its a new time now. I always reach the financial reports all the time. Actually here the link… I will explain why this report is very important.


Why 12.7 Million Americans Dropped Out Of The Workforce

Despite the unemployment rate plummeting, more than 92 million Americans remain out of the labor force.
The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent in April from 6.7 percent in March, the lowest it has been since September 2008 when it was 6.1 percent. The sharp drop, though, occurred because the number of people working or seeking work fell. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count people not looking for a job as unemployed.

Now that does not bode well for dating at all. That means an increase of bottom feeder women asking for hand outs. In particular its more acute in minority neighborhoods. So all the simps they put up to defend their points will fall under our banner. The alpha males know what is going on. They have know this for awhile.

Me personally, I already fired the bottom feeder black woman out of my life. It wasn’t easy but it had to be done. Even some middle class black women with kids got cut loose. That is the way life goes. Once they are done with their tantrums, and name calling. I just step over them.

I am out.

Off Hand Out Nation, The Fall and Rise of the Successful Black Man (Preview to Animal Ambition) Newsone “Black Men do owe more to Black Women causes” The only thing worse than Sellout Black Blogger coward, its a Black Blogger with so called “power”….Earned my spot ain’t nobody put me here!



(Looking out the window)

I read the newsone article. This sums up the hand out nation in the black community. Here is the article.


Regardless of how one feels about the stance For Harriet founderKimberly Foster (pictured below) takes in her essay, “Why I Will Not March For Eric Garner (pictured far right),” it’s more than evident it comes from a place of frustration. And to be fair to her and those who share her point of view, when it comes to Black men championing issues important to Black women the way Black women rally behind those championed by Black men, there is a huge discrepancy. So while I don’t agree with Kimberly Foster’s response to that dilemma, I nonetheless can understand why she would reach such a conclusion.

SEE ALSO: Here’s What Some Cops Are Saying About the Death of Eric Garner

She is right when she notes:

While the effectiveness of social media in spreading Garner’s story heartens me. I could not refrain from comparing the empathy shown him, particularly byme!redBlack men, to that which is heartbreakingly absent when Black women attempt to discuss the everyday terrors we experience both in the world and at their hands.

Likewise, she is equally correct in asserting:

Too many fail to recognize that the violence, psychological verbal and physical, that we direct toward each other in communal spaces reflects the violence enacted upon our bodies and minds by larger dominating structures; thus there’s an inability by many Black men to acknowledge that Black women, too, have a right to move through the world without fear–that a woman should not have to avert her eyes and quicken her pace when she encounters men in public spaces.

Some have objected to the comparison between street harassment and Eric Garner dying at the hands of an NYPD officer. Yet, false equivalence or not, far too often do Black men brush aside Black women’s concerns about merely wanting to walk down the street in peace. Independent of men’s antagonistic behavior — mostly fueled by the presumption that a woman’s body is fair game to ostracize. Such is a sexist stance articulated every single day on social media, heard in any barbershop, and experienced in real time on the street any given day of the week.

You think Ms. Foster is hyperbolic in her comparison? Okay. Removing that from the equation, is she no less accurate that many Black men simply don’t check their brothers the way we’re all collectively supposed to check White people when a Black man is harmed by one of their own?

Again, I don’t agree with Foster’s solution. Frankly, I wished she hadn’t used Garner’s death to make this argument given she already did so beautifully back in 2012. But what’s done is done, and though everyone has their opinion about her remarks, it is an opportunity for dialogue. By dialogue, I don’t mind the sort of ad hominem, tit for tat that often plagues the comments section on every website ever. Dialogue as in listening, trying to understand where a person’s viewpoint stems from even if you find it problematic.

When someone speaks of hurt to the point that they have to completely pull away, ideally, it ought to be a rallying cry. As in, how did Kimberly Foster get to this point? How does one bring the Kimberly Fosters of the world back into the fold? The answer is simple as she’s already outlined: reciprocity.

There are many Black men who have lent their voices to causes specifically affecting Black women – self-included – but as a collective, we have much work to do. We ought to rally behindRenisha McBride as much as we do Travyon Martin. Her name should be as common as Martin’s, but it is not and it doesn’t require much thought to figure out why. Moreover, what has been done and what continues to be done to Marissa Alexander warrants widespread outrage.

Black men’s actions may have caused Kimberly Foster to limit her support, but a change in behavior prevents that from happening again — and it may even win her back. We all have to do better by each other. No matter how that sentiment is articulated, it will still ring true.


See her argument is stupid for several reasons. That is to assume black men are obligated to police every black man that you fuck with.  The white community does not make white men obligated to police their own white men. Johnny is not saying “hey man stop molesting those kids”.  ESPECIALLY, if black women are choosing thugs and criminals to be there baby father.

There is some false stats going out there that out of wedlock children are coming from black divorces. (Let’s say this is true).  Who initiates the divorce? The black woman does that. Let’s say, the black men are to blame. How do you explain black women having 3 different baby fathers for their kids. I assume they divorced all those men as well?

Many of these sellout black women bloggers are extremely stupid people. They may be book smart but lack common sense.  Just like the idiotic movement of No Wedding No Womb.  The alleged black man “caste off”, said  yeah the 80 percent out of wedlock children rate is a problem. (sucking her teeth)  The problem is, its you’re dumb ass that made it the problem. Nobody told you to spread you’re legs before you married. To make matters worse you’re dumb ass said ” Oh I do not think abstinence is going to work with the white simp, he got to have the pussy”. LOL That stupid Christelyn Karazin never mentions abstinence as an option for black women BEFORE they get married. For fear the white man will run off.  Classic bottom feeder.

If you were not a pathetic woman that out of wedlock situation wouldn’t have happened to you. But since the issue is here now. Now you want white men to bail  out  ALL black single mothers now, because you got lucky. The solution is the white man MUST take care of you and the out of wedlock children. If he does not do that, well he ain’t a man than.  Well you changed you’re tune all of a sudden. Now it’s “not impossible” to find a white simp, you might be able to find a “white simp” somewhere. Just look really, really hard. Yeah Tameka a white simp will take you on and you’re kids by a black man.

This really sums up the argument at the end of the day.  Even if you was to institute a dumb ass doctrine of No Wedding No Womb, are you going to force white men to marry you now because black men “will not marry you”?  Are you going to say white men were always the “first option”, when you said yourself you waited for the ideal black man to come along.  This is everything you have said.  The only thing you got in common is the rainbeaus that never could find the right woman in their own race. They know its true.

They know its true because they never support the black women that suck them off on those interracial blogs. You will have like 3 old white guys looking for attention because their white wife died or something.  This is really sad and pathetic. The worse part about these black female bloggers is the impression they give other black women that the white knight is going to buy them a house and car. He will never yell at you, he will not demand sex for being the simp that he is.  She can play peek a boo with the pussy. Sweat heart life does not work that way. There is nothing in this life free.  You can preach that misogynistic cry baby talk all day. All  men are misogynistic. Some of  them are mild about it and some are hardcore.  If that wasn’t the case “Big Boned Brenda” wouldn’t be married to a disabled fat ass white man” while looking at black males on dating sites.

Listen man I am out.

Off (Hand out Nation) News reporter speaking the truth on OWW Children , No Wedding No Womb the Aftermath.. No Solution for Black Women with kids with Black men to Swirl.. (Bonus) Preview to the White Man Bailout Part 3. Everybody hurts sometimes, so Mrs Karazin hold on. (Smiling)

(Looking out the window)

Well it was a black woman praising her thug boyfriend for killing a white cop. The Reporter precedes to blame fatherless black men for this happening.  I guess when Billy shoots up a school his daddy was missing too.  Oh wait, most of these kids that shoot up the school HAVE  a father.  The reporter actually indirectly blames black women as well. He says ” we have to do something about this or address this”.  What do you plan to do Mr White Reporter, are you going to sterilize black women or something?  Are you going to round up black women with their black boys and put them in camps?

The silly sellout black women are on some crusade about the out of wedlock “chiren”. You are the fucking problem. Nobody forces you to have kids out of wedlock. The only solution you have is to find a white simp to take you on and them kids.  Just say that and retire you’re blog.  So the old black women over at No Wedding No Womb blaming liberals, black men (again), um indirectly white women for being in the way for them to get a rainbeau. This constant drivel Mrs Karazin keeps spouting is hilarious. Here is some exceprts…..

But, if I were to do a behavioral profile from the information she provided, I would say that she is probably on the lower end of the socioeconomic rung of the American ladder. She has been looking for love in all the wrong places which resulted in giving birth to several of one or multiple males’ kids. She is a former NBABM who has come to realize that her efforts were in vain. Now, she is still looking for love, and since so many BW are dating out (as if it’s some fad), she may as well get some too.

Lower end of the socioeconomic rung. LOL Is this how we speak about the fellow sister Tameka that wants a white guy? Mrs Karazin is quite the elitist if you ask me. I would call her a class “snob”. Considering the only reason she has any sort of career is because she bashes black men.  I guess the youtube dating shit failed. Although she claims she is getting offers from networks to help her out.  The youtube dating show had to many lames and geeks. Especially a white guy with a asymmetrical face according to 1 of the black girl puppies.

Here are some more excerpts….

I don’t think many WM will be willing to accept a lot of kids in a relationship with another.   I say this because more/most WM come from intact families and are not used to dealing with the multiple babies, multiple daddies, and multiple anything else.   Although dysfunctional, I am from an intact family and when I started to date, I ran into men with baby mamas (if not one, several).   I couldn’t handle that new type of reality:  His sharing of the children on the weekends; his need to cater to the baby mama, in all ways SHE saw fit, so she won’t up the child support; the income and other things I lost, rather than gained, by having the man in my life; etc.   But, here’s the thing:  These people thought that stuff was normal.   They live it all the time with other men and other women.   They say something is wrong with me for wanting my man to myself sometimes, with no surprise “I need you to take care of your kid(s)” from baby mama on “our special weekend

Basically what she is saying is do not even try. The mighty white rainbeau is not taking on you’re OUT OF WEDLOCK children by black men previously. Now isn’t it ironic that it was OKAY for her to do it. Yet she discourages other black women from doing this that have kids already with a black man. That is the bed wench mentality. I just want to massa to focus on me.  See Mrs Karazin shouldn’t call anybody a “mammy”. A Mammy had skills, she could cook, sew, keep a household.  Actually she was the most important slave on the plantation. The Bed Wench she never attained those skills. She counted on her looks and being a willing sex slave for the massa.  Once she became too old, or useless to the master sexually. She was replaced by a younger bed wench. The Mammy was never replaced unless she couldn’t physically keep the massa’s household together. The Mammy was usually the one that raised the massa and his sons. 

The Bed wench was usually on the receiving end of abuse by the white woman. The other slaves never respected her.  She was largely an outcast. It rings true until now. That is why so many black women bloggers are largely upset. They are looking for some type of validation the will never receive.  If they stopped looking for acceptance and move on with their pathetic lives. They would be happier.

 If you jump through enough hoops the mighty white rainbeau will accept you. If you change you’re hair, voice and the way you speak. Well the rainbeau “might accept you”.

I think for so long many of these sellout black women never get called on their bullshit. That is why is they avoid people like me, the truth teller.  They just basically think white men are walking atm machines. Everything is about “my needs”. I never hear I care about the rainbeau or I love him even if he is broke and disabled.  It’s a sad commentary on the desperation of these women. 

What really burns me up is the attack black men.  More specifially with their snide remarks towards educated black men. As if to say something is sinister with successful black men. Listen you can play that game with someone else. I do not go for that bullshit.  Keep black men out of you’re mouth. Every fucking mistake you do is the black man’s fault.

You had children out of wedlock. It is not you’re fucking fault. It is real simple close you’re legs and stop having all these men run up in you. Nobody forced you to have kids by different men. How the fuck can you have a movement over a dumb ass mistake you MADE.

Than have the audacity to want a white man to bail you out. LOL. Evia Sharon Moore the Queen of the bottom feeders instituted this hand out, panties down doctrine. She said she got breakfast in bed and an english muffin from Darren. She went to visit her Nigerian ex husband WHILE with Darren.  Darren standing their with his penny loafers on while Evia ex black husband feeling up on her.

For the record, I think Evia is an attractive woman.  However Darren is stupid.  If the Nigerian ex husband can convince Evia to live in Nigeria with other “sister wives”. He must be putting that dick on her.  Somebody is going to take you’re bitch Darren.   Maybe Darren gets off on it who knows.  I always believe there is some underlying fetish rainbeaus have for black women.

Ask a rainbeau what is 1 positive thing about a black woman they like that is not victimization, nor looks or sex . For example, “oh you’re a strong black woman because you survived Negro black men”. ” Well I love the curvy body”. Outside of that what the fuck else you got?

The rainbeau will be scratching his head like “god damn”. She go to church, I don’t fucking know.Now I know I sound mean. But the fucking truth has to be said at some point man.

Why does it take black women to be with a white man to turn into susy homemaker.  Now they want to cook, now they want to kind to the children with that white man.  Now they got too much pride to ask for a hand out from their white boyfriend or husband.  They said ” I don’t want my white man to think I am a semi prostitute”. 

It’s unfortunate that successful black men get the bottom feeders in every race.  That can feel comfortable enough to beg us for shit because they got a vagina.  That is why there is a fundamental disconnect in black relationships at this level. I am talking about successful black and women divorcing or breaking up. They want to be the men in the relationship.  They want to tell you what to do.  I reiterate it again. Relationships are really not a democracy. There is no such thing. It is the person that makes the most money who calls the shots.

This is even done in the Animal Kingdom.  I told this white boy near my job working at Chic Filet, I said homey listen, they never take you serious until you 30.  I said if there is anything in life you will remember that. The white boy said “thank you for the advice sir”.  Hopefully he can read into what I said.

Some of my fans will say what does that mean. They never take you serious until you over 30 years old.  A white guy told me that advice.  I thought hard about it.  He was so right.   A couple of years ago, I was never taken serious. Now you got bloggers stealing my style of writing and ideas.  I take it as a compliment.  However there is some things you cannot steal from me. That is talent.  I do not write for money or fame unlike others. I actually care about the black community.

My resume speaks for itself. My grandfather was a popular in Jamaica as the former principal of Kingsway High School. My mother works for Michael Manley. I am a third generation SDA church member. I went to SUNY College Old Westbury, under the guidance of Rev Calvin Butts.  I graduated on the Dean’s List.  I have other degrees posted on my wall. 

I am not 1 of these bottom feeder followers.  I am not an elitist when I could have been. I have been around these type of black people.  They run around thinking they are better than other black folks.   Some of them are shocked that I actually lived a good life with 2 parents married to this day.

I have never lived a sheltered life at all.  My first 2 serious relationships with black women they were highly educated.  My first black fiancee was studying to be Lawyer, my second black girlfriend was studying Law.  Unfortunately the reason those relationships went downhill. All my friends were super thugs.  Like I said, I was always in the streets.  A majority of my life in strips clubs and project parties spanking black women. I went to strip clubs to keep myself from cheating on my 2 fiancees. Most strippers do not give you the pussy.  That was perfect for me.  I took some of my girlfriends to the strip club.  Obviously I am not a shy person when it comes to sex.

Now moving on from that. LOL Times have changed and black women are hip to the pump and dump which has spawned the resentment they have towards us.  Black women are always looking for ways to punish black men. First they take away the pussy from us. Now they are threatening to take away the little income they have or (Gov’t hands outs, such as section 8,  food stamps and etc). I remember a black girl said I cannot go to her project apartment to stay. I said my taxes pay for you’re shit. Needless to say she hung up on me. LOL

Now touching back on the white reporter.  It always strikes me that people look in their neighbor’s backyard instead of their own yard. You got an epidemic according to the media of kids being left in hot cars.  Nobody says anything. The white rainbeau was texting hos while his son was burning up in the backseat of the car.  People have sympathy for him simply because he is white. Yet a black man under the same circumstances they would have demonized in the media before he even went to trial.

That is what steams me up about this particular reporter.   What about the black men who grew up with no fathers that went on to success.  What about black men that have 2 parents and still go to prison.  You’re outcome in life is not always because you’re father was present. Some men had abusive fathers and still ended up in prison.   Now if he said fatherless boys have more of a chance of being violent and going to prison. 

This is an entitlement nation. Something happens in life, you can blame you’re childhood, you can blame niggers, you can blame white trash. Yet these people never blame the individuals.  Everybody knows right from wrong, but people choose to do it. Everybody thinks they are above the law.  Everybody is judge, jury and executioner. 

Yet these are the same people that had an out of wedlock baby herself, trying to preach to all black women.  This is the same knucklehead saying “well white man will not accept you because you got kids by a black man”. DON’T YOU GOT A KID BY A BLACK MAN YOURSELF. GIRL BYE!

New Album (Hand Out Nation) MGTOW (No Marriage or Womb ever)! Boycott Marriage and “Man up”. (Preview to the Mr Laurelton Queens Story) She came with her hand out, listen I don’t owe you nothing! Bonus Implications for American Women in dating concerning “Female Illegal Immigrants”~! (My Work Continues)

(Looking out the window)

If you are good at anticipating the woman’s mind. You can always make the great escape like Hoffman. Oh yeah as for the Knights, and simps that attack me. You will learn soon enough as well. Child support, alimony and etc will be you’re trap. I will just be watching. LOL

Shout out to all my fans. I named this album Hand Out Nation. I named this album for many reasons. I do write about relationships mainly, especially black relationships. However, you have to look at the world as a whole.

I usually read the news at work.  I actually concerned about the border with thousands of women and children running across the border.  The implications for the American people is not just losing jobs and lower wages. There are implications for dating as well. 

There is approximately 100 millions not working. A good percentage of them are minorities. A good percentage of them are women with a “tan”.  Now you got more “tan women” running across the border. 

(Sigh) Okay you were saying “No Marriage No womb”.  Okay how about no marriage period and ain’t shit you can do about it.

That is the reality of the world. You got cheap womb running across the border that will accept anything a man “will give them”. Since rainbeau simps like cheap shit. They will snatch those women up.

Basically its a slow fail for American woman. Some women will see the cliff coming and try to straighten up. Some will try to be with Mexican and Central American border men. They will found out they are far worse than “American men”.  They do not care about feminism, women rights and etc.  The only care if the pussy is good and if you look good PERIOD!

CNSNews.com) – The number of Americans 16 and older who did not participate in the labor force climbed to a record high of 92,120,000 in June, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

This means that there were 92,120,000 Americans 16 and older who not only did not have a job, but did not actively seek one in the last four weeks.

That is up 111,000 from the 92,009,000 Americans who were not participating in the labor force in April.

In June, according to BLS, the labor force participation rate for Americans was 62.8 percent, matching a 36-year low. The participation rate is the percentage of the population that either has a job or actively sought one in the last four weeks.

In December, April, May, and now June, the labor force participation rate has been 62.8 percent.

Before December, the last time the labor force participation rate sank as low as 62.8 percent was in February 1978, when it was also 62.8 percent. At that time, Jimmy Carter was president.

At no time during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, did such a small percentage of the civilian non-institutional population either hold a job or at least actively seek one.

While the number of Americans not in the labor force increased, the unemployment rate dropped — from 6.3 percent in April to 6.1 percent in June

It is very disturbing that more than 100 million Americans are not in the labor force. I predicted this years ago. The precious white rainbeau is not working anymore or even looking for work. The rainbeaus that are  WORKING.  They are married or taken already.

Why do you think the Feds are letting illegal immigrants flood the border.  Only half of Americans are working full time to pay for benefits of older Americans and retirees.

I look at the implications of these issues on the black community.  When you flood America with low skilled labor that adds more to the problem. Now you got women and children coming here.  That will just make it harder on American women.

For example, a woman demands marriage and all the goodies that comes with marriage. The man says ” I will pay xbox and fuck a Mexican chick, she is not asking for that”. This is what happens when you flood illegal women into America.  They need men to latch onto.  There is already a man shortage for women in this country. 

I look at the math here. 20 illegal chicks coming across the border, maybe 5 is really attractive. Multiple that by THOUSANDS.  American women will be squeezed out of the dating market by low rent chicks.

It’s unfortunate that black women are the biggest one that will squeezed out of the market. They will need be with black men. 

Well they won’t have much a choice.  They seem to think black men are the enemy.  Once Black men like me “turn their back on them”. It will be a sad downfall for the. Remember I predicted this.

I have said this for years its all about “leverage” in relationships. The flip side to this. The bottom feeder women will say “maybe Mexican men and Central American men will marry me.” They work hard in the labor field.  Maybe if I have my “hand out” to them it will work?


I have observed this for years. Mexican and Central American men will date within their own race a majority of the time. White women come second. Black women are considered whores to them.

People can dispute it, that is fine with me.


Now let me touch on black relationships. Black women seem to be the worst offenders. Apparently, “men” owe them something. Men owe them “marriage”. Men “must take care of their kids by different men”.

Now the white “simp” must overlook their stupid mistakes in relationships and clean up their mess.  It even gets better, you can talk about being with a Rainbeau but mention black men on every other post on you’re blog. Personally, I think they are tone deaf.

In my last relationship, PA girl was just miserable. A miserable 40 year old woman that never quite made it in life. Now she feel I owe her something. I am supposed to give you a car, find you an apartment and a new spouse to be with.

This idea that men are supposed to take care of you from cradle to grave EVEN when we are not together.  This is bizarre and goofy. However, there are black women that will fiercely defend the gravy train. They will say “oh why are you friends with that girl but not me”?

“Why we can’t be friends Drew”?

“Why we can’t be roommates”?

Child please,  I got my own friends, I don’t need you sorry.

My response is it is not my fault you cannot make in life on you’re own. When men are struggling, women do not bail them out.  When a man loses his job. I don’t see women throwing the pussy at him.

But you want men to be sympathetic towards you right? You did everything you could to bring down successful black men. You’re incessant whining and complaining. It just was never good enough. You kept on pushing the black man.

Now you are going to pay for it.  That is why the MGTOW movement is a growing one.  Men Going their Own Way (MGTOW).

There is a couple of reasons on why I respect this movement. It takes balls to stand up for yourself.  People say I am bully.  Na, I think some women are bullies. I do not ban folks from my blog because I do not like what they say.   These stupid ass women think they talk for MEN. They want to say what they want with no rebuttal. 

The couple of simps that respond do not represent me.  They are too pussy to tell the truth.  My track record in relationships shows this.  I will get rid of a bottom feeder if she is cheap, stupid, fat, or got too many kids.  I do not even sugar coat it anymore.  Other folks can be diplomatic about it.  I am not that guy. I do not have to be diplomatic. I am secure in the corporate world for years now.   I am just riding this out until I get my pension at 55 years old. 

Unfortunately,  for these bottom feeder black women, they are not going to make it on No Wedding No Womb. They will run out of gas soon.  They all ran out of gas messing with me.


I am out

Off Black Hand Of God (The Gender War of Words) On the Frontline with Black Women (The Black Hit Man Chronicles) God Forgives… Black Men Don’t (Bonus) Black Women “Don’t stand a chance at all”.


(Looking out the window)

What’s up to my fans. For the record, I was actually born in Jamaica. Much of my philosophy comes from uncles and family members. Westernized education sort of fine tuned my thinking on topics. As people know, my degree is in Sociology, more specifically studying black women. I am an entertainer as well. This is the problem with academia. The average person wouldn’t understand statistics, an hypothesis or even read a thesis on something.

I try to be a well rounded person. I often read what is going on in the world at work everyday. Many of these black women bloggers are using some facts now. Many of them were severely retarded. There was a point where they thought every white guy wanted them. Now that they have woke up from that fantasy. Even Christelyn Karazin is admitting white men do not want a fatty patty black woman. According to her “its empathy and understanding”.

Na, the white man has no empathy or understanding for a fat black woman struggling. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be so many black single mothers. It’s just the reality of the situation. Now that black men are even avoiding the fatty patty black women. This is everything I predicted a long time ago.

I never get the credit I deserve concerning bloggers. Many of them want to get in the gutter with me. Like name calling is something I ain’t willing to do. I am okay taking it to the gutter, streets, podium, college campus. My track record speaks for itself.

I had to do it to PA Girl.  Although it was a bit harder to do. Considering we were together off and on for 10 years. Originally the blog started with her and I sort the built the blog around her.

As for Army girl, see it was really easy to get rid of Army girl. For a couple of reasons,  I used her aggressiveness against her. Thus, she apparently went back to Alabama after not making in Florida financially.  I respect her dedicated service to our country.

However, I think she suffered from pts. She kept on banging on her ex baby daddy for more child support money. I pulled her to the side and said if you’re baby daddy is in jail for child support. You will not get any money. Long story short, she got evicted and is nowhere to be found.

See I can separate issues and emotions. For example, whatever I talk about on my blog about black women. I am largely “flexing”. That is why I can’t be cool with black female bloggers. They do not have the ability to separate emotions from topics. They take everything to heart.

It is really a bad trait to have in this blog game.  Of course if you are Matthew Hustle, they will listen to the white boy. Apparently, his style is to tell them everything they want to hear. A typical white guy that shields himself from the ire of black women. He sorts of make generic statements and never touches the stove. He is a pussy man. Straight up. He is the type of guy that says black women are “thick” and etc. Yet, he has no black woman in his life.  I will give credit where its due. He is a good con artist.

I am just the total opposite. I actually go through the fire and readily accept the consequences. You never get this far in this game being soft.  Plus being able to hang onto you’re career in the process.

After years and years with black women, black women bloggers, lipstick alley, beyond black and white simps.  I largely brush it off with a smile.  You got to understand something. I predicted many things that would happen to black women.

Many of them are on a plane with no wheels. It’s comfortable flight until they have to land. PA girl had a comfortable flight but the plane had no wheels. Army girl, the same thing with her.

It does bother me that I tend to be 3 steps ahead of many of the black women I talk too. I already know what they might do, before they do it. That is why I always checkmate them eventually.

When the final blow comes. They say you “are mean”.  It’s not being mean. There are rules and regulations to this game of men. You break the rules and you will pay for it. Especially if you do not got anything.  In this fragile economy, men will crush you.

Black women tend to be in a precarious situation all the time. Even the best of them will bow down and kiss the ring.  It does not matter what race of man ring they kiss.

Somebody said men want women to go back to the 1950s and 1960s.  The domestic type woman.

Actually it is quite the opposite but they are not even cooking and cleaning though.  They want a man to give them money, house and a car. Yet do what they want to do.

That is why I looked at PA girl like she was crazy. I said ” Don’t stand up on me, it would be you’re worst mistake”.

So, she stood up for months and months. Until I couldn’t take it anymore and threw her things out. I let her casually know, if you come back here I will cut off the phone I gave you and take you off my car insurance. (She got her own car but cannot pay the car insurance).

She had to tap out after that.  She made various threats but I was like ” You better take it easy”. It could be a lot worse for you.  I am actually being nice to you. Considering men do not help their ex girlfriend “find another man” for them.

Listen, you are not coming up off me. I looked at her, she started to cry.  I shook my head and said “you couldn’t humble yourself to say you appreciate everything I did for you”.  You could kiss the asses of people you met off craigslist and dating sites. But they never do anything for you. They couldn’t help you once I kicked you out for good.

I think she got the wrong advice and miscalculated that move. PA Girl wanted to leave but she didn’t expect that type of retaliation.  Oh yea, she is in Florida. LOL Pretty much the pickings are slim.


Chalk it up to game. Black women catching bodies over pride. Pride will be the downfall of black women. I try to be fair in any situation. I never do anything to anybody that didn’t have it coming. You will be disciplined. It’s a real sad generation we are in.

Now women expect you to take care of them like the Federal Gov’t.  It’s really sad.  I am supposed to give into demands of a knucklehead that had 3 kids by different men, fat, and stupid. You never made it in life. Now you are crying and complaining when the gravy train stops. That is why I am irked by this white simp movement by black women.

Man stop having you’re hand out and panties down. That approach never worked with black men. What makes you think it works with white men.

“Rastafar, I stands alone”.

Official Album (Black Hand of God) The Aftermath for a Black Woman in relationship is far worse. (Damn, they do not make Black Women like they used to) What you did in the dark will come to the light. (The Dating Crisis in the Black Community)

(Looking out the window)

(Sigh) She ran the vehicle she is living out of in the CNN Building. Than he called the white woman reporter tacky. Yet she has on pum pum shorts and no panties on. The only thing to her name is about 5 pair of jordans. She had the audacity to ask the white lady for money to pay for the damages.

There is a crisis with black women and nobody is helping them man. When you dick ride several men for x amount of years. This will be the result. Of course, if you can find a rainbeau simp to clean up you’re mess.

Please forgive me for lay off. I had to get my life in order. Basically, the aftermath of a long term relationship is always hard to get out of. That is why I had to release the Black Hand of God.

I was talking to my homeboy about black women respecting the victim than the shooter. Literally respecting the thug over a black man that actually did the right thing in life. That black man went to college, worked 2 jobs and etc. Yet they have the audacity to respect the black men that never really did the right thing in life. When that thug screws them over. They start whining and complaining to us. Man take that to the rainbeau or another dude. I ain’t trying to hear that shit.

Yet, they cry and complain about these black men and put successful black men in this category. They say successful black men think they are angels, arrogant and mean. Even if that is the case, the thug fucked you over and you got respect for him. All men have flaws and etc. At the end of the day there is no such thing as a trained “simp”. Not even the white rainbeau is a “trained simp”.

Classic bottom feeder black women in my opinion. Much of the problems in relationships. I am partly to blame for that because I gave certain women a chance to change their lives around. In hindsight, I should have thugged them out because that is all they can respect.

They seem to think they can get over on a black man that actually do the right thing. You are going to pay that price for that. That is why dating in the black community is in disarray right now. I predicted this years ago. When successful black men “turn on you”. Man you can kiss you’re ass goodbye. Why do you think marriage is in decline and the out of wedlock rate is so high? The simp gravy train is coming to an end.

I am not the only 1 that says I don’t date single mothers, unemployed chicks, dumb chicks (well not anymore, I just spank them). As far as marriage, oh hell no. That would be like putting a rope around you’re neck and kicking the stool from you’re feet. Why would I signed up for marriage to be with a dependent bottom feeder that can’t seem to get her life together? By the way, sex is readily available. If men married women for sex, they are stupid. You can get sex faster than Mcdonalds nowadays.

I always talk from experience. I never speculate or guess what is going on. For the last couple of years of dating black women. I think the entitlement has become worse. You got women on dating sites with 3 or 4 kids making crazy demands. My homeboy says ” Man I ignore their ass”.

At what point you do not ignore it. Me personally, I will engage with the bottom feeders occasionally. The problem I did was sleep with a bottom feeder. I never stuck to the rules. Of course, I learned from my mistakes. It took some time to cut totally clean from the bottom feeder.

In comparison to the financial losses my friends went through. I relatively came out on top. I didn’t lose my cars, house and savings. Now if I was married and had kids. You will be a financial slave forever.

It is very HARD to get rid of a bottom feeder black woman. There are several reasons this happens. They always blame you for their life fucking up.

I will give you an examples..

1. You brought me down to this state. Now you got to take care of me, even though we are not together.

My response was ” Okay we was together for 3 years, its over with, I got to still take care of you”. ” We are not even married.

2. You was mean and abusive to me.

My response

“Oh I was mean and abusive, yet you were talking to someone else while I paid the bills, I really should have thrown you out of a balcony”. ” Nobody said to stay with me stupid”.

3. I got low self esteem.

” It’s you’re self esteem, not mine”.

4.You hang out with you’re homeboy too much and talk to him too much.

“Right and you talk to you’re homegirl all day and night. You also go to the club and road trips with her stupid bitch”. ” Now that you ran out of money, you are depressed. Again you are stupid. I can’t help stuck on stupid”.


After it’s all said and done. Just don’t ask for me shit. Stand on you’re own two feet. Once I turn my back on you. It is over with.


I got a new black girlfriend to see today.

Take it easy everyone.

Off Vigilante Season 2014, Pastor Jamal Bryant, why change won’t come. No Wedding No Womb and why we do not care! (The Attack on Black Men continues) The Backlash is Coming! Baby girl I was the 1 that motivated you! (Preview to Hand of Black God)



(Looking out the window)

There are 2 things in life you do not do. You do not attack the black man, nor speak bad on the black man. That is like touching the “Hand of God”.

That happens to be the next album coming. The REASON women in general do not touch the Black Hand of God. It can “reach out and touch you back”.

Obviously many of my detractors do not know my background. I am a 3rd generation Seventh Day Adventist. I was raised in the church. Many of the things that are going in the church needed to be addressed. I am glad Pastor Jamal has the courage to stand up.

I am a bit “less forgiving”. It’s not the Pastor Jamals you got to worry about. It is the black men like me you should worry about. We are the referees in the black community whether you LIKE IT OR NOT.

In my personal opinion, I think a majority of black women got a lack of respect for black men. There is nothing wrong with that when you have kids by criminals, thugs and etc. Now you are attacking the wrong black men.

The so called black men that are intelligent and sharp. However, you got to come to our Island, you got to live by rules and accept those rules.

OR you can run to a white guy that is a bottom feeder like yourself. The economy is actually good, these men rather play xbox and game systems than touch bitches. These are the men dropping out of the labor force at a rapid rate. Now what do you got left? Black men that make it their mission to touch “bitches” every day.

Yeah I talk in crude terms but is the truth. There is a reason why you’re favorite black women bloggers read my blog. I tell the truth and it hurts.

I consider myself an author for tough black guys for years. I will give you the perfect example. Army girl, is broke now, no phone and live with her aunt with 10 other people in a small house. God bless her, her luck ran out. The fatal blow never came early, it actually came late. I whispered to her ” if it wasn’t for you’re butt and thighs, you would starve to death”.

Eventually, I could mentally break her.  Now every guy she gets with it rattles her.  I rattled her confidence. She actually had a good guy in Kissimmee FL. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hold onto that relationship. She tried to “tough it out” with him.  I will admit, I did rattle him too. I told him she is just trying to trap you’re dumb ass “bruh”.  Of course, he stuck his chest out at me.  Yeah, Army girl called me 6 months later, saying let’s get back together. LOL Na baby you are fired.  Thus her downfall.

I guess the glasses and white dress shirt fooled her. I am just as ruthless as you are. The only difference is I am willing to go all the way. We can do it in the streets or corporate world. It does not matter to me.

Fast forward to PA girl being summoned down here by me to replace Army girl. She got out of line, moved in with a white girl roommate. She was in financial peril and came back to my house. She had to her humble herself. She found out there is really nothing out there at her age of 40 years old.

That is just the short story. It would take too long to explain why things went down the way it did.

I had other black women lined up to take her spot. Actually 1 black women I was interested in “Tee” a caregiver. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t subject her to my reckless personal life. I decided to stop texting her and calling her.

PA girl has been with me for about 10 years. She fits my lifestyle and personality. She is a sag like my mother is. There is just certain traits I like about her. Unfortunately, the bottom feeders always whisper in her ear that Drew is “the bad guy”.

LOL A regular black man with 3 degrees, 2 jobs and grew up with two parents. Na, I can’t be the bad guy. (Shaking head, who me). Na I am the nice guy. I become the bad guy when I stand firm on black women. They do not like that.

Thus, the fall out with PA girl calling the police and throwing a tantrum because she got locked out the house and the car towed from her. You are not entitled to the car or a place to live because I “own it”. LOL

I casually told her, why would I give you a car to be with someone else? Why should I be roommates with you so other black women coming over and think we are still involved? Na, baby girl stand on you’re own two feet.

Anyway, back to the controversy with Pastor Jamal.

Now the bottom feeders are attacking Christian Black men. Scum bags like Christelyn Karazin that made a profit off the misery of other black women is getting desperate. It is incredible that this white peen rider isn’t ashamed herself. This is the same person that got mad at Dr Dre for not giving black women a hand out for the music career that he started. That is like getting mad at Willy Nelson for not giving his white trash white women money. LOL

Now she is attacking a decorated black pastor. Apparently white pastors that follow biblical principles is not questioned. Last time I checked it was Christelyn Karazin’s husband is an alleged drunk. This is the same person that allegedly cheated with a married man.

Now she is trying to get high and mighty on her blog. She didn’t like the fact that light skin black women get more attention than her. She really disliked that. She did a youtube dating show with some weird white guy that said racist comments to his date. Christelyn says ” I hope this does not discourage you from dating white men”. LOL

How about checking the racist white guy???????????????? LOL

It is a disturbing trend that I have been observing for years. These sellout black women continue to go down a path of destruction. Demanding marriage for simply being “present”. You never contributed shit to a date, never paid a tip in you’re life, you was just present with you’re panties down. I am just keeping it real. 

Now why do black men get mad when it crosses over into mainstream black church america. I figure people just hate to hear the truth. It’s far easier to lash out at men when you can’t move them. That is why they are failing miserably. I call it the hot head syndrome. They will keep on going until they hit the wall.

Here are the excerpts of Jamal Bryant

“So now we come to churches that are just feminized with a church full of women, but you got a mosque full of men. It says it’s not that men are not spiritual, they want a place of discipline and order and focus. Men do not want to come to church just for an emotional outpour,” Bryant noted.

“But because we have westernized our worship experience, everybody wants to shout and sashay because we made the church comfortable for men not to be men, but to be sanctified sissies,” he said.

Pastor Bryant pointed out, however, that God wants the church to get rid of that mindset and charged that men should not have to choose between their masculinity and love for God in church.

“So it says to us, how is it that I can get to a place that you can love God but no longer be a man? But God says, I’m raising up real men that understand that I do not have to disavow my masculinity in order to embrace my spirituality,” he said to a cheering congregation.

“I know y’all don’t like it. But I’m not supposed to be politically correct. I’m supposed to be biblically correct, and when you know the Word of God, you understand that there is a destroyer,” he explained.

Bryant further argued that the assault on the black family has also now spread to included not just men, but black women, whom he said are becoming the fastest growing prison population — young black women between the ages of 18 and 35, who are being locked up “for refusing to testify against their men.”

“The attack has shifted from our sons to our daughters,” said Bryant, who noted that there is now a greater number of young black lesbians than black homosexuals.

“And they are becoming younger and younger. But I came to tell the devil you are a liar,” said Bryant.

Let me get out of here man. 


New Album Vigilante Season 2014 Lipstick Alley Bans, You think you are immortal Black Men are not sleeping. I just paint a clear picture. You better ask around, the biggest Black Male Blogger mystery! (Black Men always move in silence) Controversial Lipstick Alley Post ” Why Black Women get fired in relationships”!



(Looking out the window)

Sorry for the delay folks. I have been hanging out lately.  Me and  my homeboys always talk about women. Well my 1 homeboy had his baby daughter with him but she don’t care. She just wants her baby doll in her stroller.  

See, I keep my ear to the streets and get a real feel of what is going on concerning the gender war in relationships. At the end of the day, I am a Sociologist. I just happen to work in the computer field.

When you take black women bloggers out of their comfort zone. They simply do not like that.  It’s far easier to pull you’re weave out and lash out at black men. If black men respond they run away or “ban you”.

That is why black women are in the dire situation they are in.  They want to act tough but when they get in a financial bind.  They want to cop a plea or beg for mercy.  Actually they will pull their panties down before they cop a plea or beg for mercy.  It’s a real sad situation if you ask me.

That is why I laugh at Lipstick Alley and Beyond black and white.  It’s like being in a slumber party and all you talk about is hair and nails. Men do not give a rat’s ass about any of you’re topics or opinions. 

Most men care about you’re appearance. Everything else takes a backseat. If another man says different. He is full of shit. 

The next question to ask is “why is that happening”? Social media plays a factor, music videos,  TV culture. 

That has made life very had for the average woman.  If you ain’t a bad chick, well life is going to be very hard for you. No matter how smart you think you are period. Like I said, you can run from life but you can’t run from death.

I always look for motivation to write something. That is why I am out and about so much. That is why I had to release Vigilante Season. More specifically, my beef with lipstick alley.

They banned me twice. LOL This is the thing about Lipstick Alley. I got no problem with them. Obviously that blog is geared to bitter, angry and lonely black women. However, they had to know I was going to write controversial things.

At the end of the day, I really went to Lipstick Alley to promote myself. They same way they used me to hammer Christelyn Karazin. I never hid the fact that lipstick alley used me to lay the hammer on her. The same way Christelyn used me to hammer Evia Sharon Moore. It just comes with the territory that’s all.

God bless all of them. However, you ain’t too big to brought down. Lipstick Alley, Beyondblackandwhite are mainly dependent on talking about black men. That’s all they can do. Things will never change for all of you over there.

Instead, things will get worse. You can ban me all you want. LOL There are always other avenues to get you’re point across.

The post that got me banned. I said the reasons black women get fired in relationships. Oh they didn’t like that. LOL

This is the thing, I just tell the truth.

The reasons black women get fired in relationships. There are a couple of reasons this happens. I will break it down.

1. Social media (Facebook) You say 1 thing and its not really like that.
When you’re boyfriend catches you trying to style on Facebooklipstickalley. You know how that ends up. You was bragging you was single independent but got you’re hand out.

Now you are crying on Facebook saying you’re boyfriend is a jerk because he took everything back from me. Next time do not run you’re mouth about you’re ex.

2. Sex and attention, which falls under the banner of dating women with kids.
The relationships works only when you can spend time together. I know you have to take care of the kids. But if you can’t make time for a man. Just sign out man.

3. Weight and a negative attitude. You are a fat cow and got an attitude on top of that. Na baby, that is not going to work. No matter how much tight clothes you wear on a date. The entitlement is just crazy nowadays.

4. Bottom feeder just in general. This goes for the women that are bottom feeders. They live off child support as a job, they put self employed but got no business license. Dick ride men to survive. I call it the semi prostitution. Of course that all comes to end when they get older. That is when they end up on Lipstick Alley and Beyond Black and White whining and complaining about men.

5. Defending the wrong man. However things goes down in relationships. This is the absolute killer to me. You should have you’re man’s back no matter what. Disloyalty is a big no no in my opinion.

I will add more the list later.

I am out

New Album ( Fresh Out) The 4 Year Dating Relationship Theory on Black Women… ( I still putting my ex wife through hell) If this don’t work out, you know what I am back too! (Down and Out with Black Women in relationships) You don’t touch you’re Black God!



Man, what’s good people. You’re favorite black man is back.

Sorry for the lay off, there is so much to talk about.  If my life was a movie it would be a box office hit. So, PA girl got kicked out and found her own place.  We have been together off and on for 10 years.  It just got to a point there was no respect in the relationship.

It was more of a father daughter relationship. I often say it’s easy to get a black woman to live with you. It is way hard to get her out of the residence though. There was cops to the scene. Neighbors was like what’s going on here.

Basically, the typical negro shit that was going on at my house. She really didn’t expect to get kicked out. I had to go to the wall on her at some point. When you can be talk to a married man, defend him. when I catch you. Baby you got to go. You are doing a Christelyn Karazin.

I do not let women in my life talk to a married man. Especially if the wife does not know about her.
She claims it was innocent but she got the picture of the married man in her phone. I looked at her like ” You know what is going to happen right”? I am Jamaican.  I said ” you are on you’re way to hell now”.


I locked my door and she kept on knocking for hours saying ” I want my stuff”. Man I turned off the house lights and ignored her. It got so bad that my family got involved. They were like “aw man just let her in to get her stuff”.  After hours of negotiating. I said ” Okay let her get stuff”.

My thing she was arrogant about it. She had the nerve to put the Negro on the phone with me. She said he was a “former drug addict” and now lives in DC. I said ” Bitch are you high something with him”?

How I look talking to somebody like that.  I am just mad at myself. I got 3 degrees and work for a corporate company.  I should have cut you’re ass off years ago.

Yes, Mr Laurelton Queens was caught slipping.  I have to admit it. I guess it’s karma for leaving my Lawyer girlfriend for this bottom feeder. I cannot really be mad at the situation.

We were not equals at all.  It ended up biting me in the ass.

It did puzzle me that PA girl went to war with me over a married man. I looked at her like “is it worth it”? Apparently it was worth it. All her stuff got tossed out.  She was able to move in with some white girl.


I will tell more of the story later on.  The 4 year relationship theory is very interesting to me. I always believe when a relationship reaches the 4 year mark. You either going to dump her or stay with her. Obviously, I stayed in my situation for about 9 to 10 years. Things were going good in FL, when we tried to make the relationship work in FL.

There was cracks in the relationship of course. I was with Army girl before PA girl got down to FL. I think that was sparked the grudge.  They really hated each other. That kind of added to the demise of the relationship.  I just didn’t realize it because I was working too much.

Now fast forward to now. PA girl felt like she could STAND UP to me because she got a good job.  I said ” That’s like touching God, you don’t touch God”.  She touched me up with a punch in the car.  I grabbed her like ” Listen, I ain’t going to jail for you”. The old me, would have thrown her out the car.

I went over to my homeboy’s house after work. We had a meeting. Big Homey said ” She got to go Drew right now”.  I sat on his couch, yea it’s time to lay the hammer.

Thus, her stuff getting thrown out, cops called, and family coming. We had to do it the hard way. PA Girl was like “Oh My God, I am told old for this”.

Christelyn Karazin knows I am a bully with a temper.  That was nothing, imagine how it went down that day for PA Girl.  It was turned up 100 PERCENT.

After PA Girl left, she texted me saying ” aight you won, you won damn”.  I said once again ” was that married man worth it, it better have been”.

Anyway, I am single now, talking to a couple of black women.  I kid you not, I went on a dating site and got like 4 black women already. LOL

Man shout out to all the black women in Ohio, Detroit, Chicago. LOL

To be continued.

Yes PA Girl is throwing the pussy at me.  I took it once or twice and sent her back to her apartment with her white girl roommate.

New Album (Lion of Judah) She should have known not to tell the Rainbeau, she was in love in with a Black Man. That is why she is burning and burning. Bonus Dr Dre Deal (He made it). New Diss to Christelyn Karazin ( They say I hate Black Women but I am just being Honest) I ain’t get nothing from pain from it!







(Looking out the window)

Sorry for the lay off, Happy mother’s day to everyone. This picture brings back memories of  me growing up.

The Lion of Judah of album is something I have been working on for weeks. I went to my mother’s church for mother’s day. She is a Seventh Day Adventist. I am a Seventh Day Adventist but I do read the teachings of the Black Israelites. The religions actually have many things in common. The exception is the Black Israelis are a bit more extreme concerning racial views.


The bottom feeders over at swirl can’t seem to be happy. Dr Dre pulled off a great deal. Considering the genre of music he did. There are many billionaires that made lots of money exploiting resources and people. It is ironic that Dr Dre made all this money off his headphones. He never made the headphones. He just leveraged his brand to make that money. The Dr Dre Brand got him the deal.

These stupid women make me sick. When Dr Dre got pushed out of Death row records and lost everything. Nobody felt sorry for him. They all wrote him off in the music industry. He signed Eminem a white rapper and has been successful ever since. These scum bag sellout black women bloggers are too lazy to even read up on Dr Dre.

I will go as even far to say, these are the same black women bloggers that danced to his music. You were the ones that supported that genre of music. Now you want Dr Dre to share his money with you. HOW ABOUT FUCK YOU!

Nobody asks Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to share their money with random loud mouth women on blogs for the sake of “helping women”.

Listen, the gravy train is over with. Stand on you’re own two feet and stop asking for a man to do everything you bottom feeder. You ran to white men for a bailout. That is not working out. Now you are back to pestering black men to care about what you think. You were the same fraud that wanted to work with a black director to do the movie Swirl. Last time I checked, he ain’t exactly show black women in a good light in past movies. You tried to dick ride Tyler Perry as well. Like Tyler Perry is going to listen to you’re dumb ass.

Many of these sellout black women bloggers would sell their children for that deal. Now they are hating on the side because they never quite made it in their endeavors. The white man stopped investing in their youtube and book projects. Now all they can do is lash out at successful black men like a crab. You just sound more and more desperate on Beyond Black and White.

The crab is losing steam and she knows it. It is a sad way to go out when people see what you really are. An old bitter crab trying to hang on to the little attention that you received. Just keep doing yoga and attention whoring yourself because you’re fan base thinks you are a crab and bottom feeder.

They very same black men you bash on you’re blog. Now you are begging them to support you’re causes in Nigeria. You scum bag, you only cared when black men were the topic of that conversation. You never said shit about Donald Sterling or the Welfare Rancher. You are to busy dick riding white rainbeaus.

Now that the rainbeau got enough head from you. He asked you to leave. You have sucked off the rainbeau on you’re blog for years now. Now they are tired of you. Stop running back to black men for attention now!

Now you are desperately attacking Dr Dre. Do you have a life anymore? Do some more swirl youtube dating shows with weirdos.

You’re own followers are telling you get off the black man’s dick. But you won’t listen to them. I just love watching you crumble.

When it’s all said and done. My time is coming and others are coming as well.

I am just hitting my prime right now.